Assist Blogger Academy is a website created by Obembe Sunday Dapo (SirPhren) out of his passion to share his knowledge about blogging, website tips & tricks and how to make money online and assist as many as possible.

The mistakes I made in the past turned me into a blogger that doesn’t only write but also help fellow bloggers, about-to-be bloggers and keep them motivated to keep forging ahead. – SirPhren

Why The Name Assist Blogger Academy?

I came up with the name when I thought of building an an online platform for other bloggers to render the helps I can. And also to help those who are thinking about starting a blog.

What Are The Topics Covered In Assist Blogger Academy?

The topics covered in this website are: Blogging tips, Make money online, Tutorial, theme and template review, web services and blogging advice.

Our services include;

  • Website and Blog design
  • Blog tutorial
  • Website management
  • Market place for buying and selling website
  • Domain registration
  • Connection of custom domains to Blogspot

Vision Of Assist Blogger

– To keep bloggers, website owners and about-to-be bloggers motivated to give their blogs the best they have got

– To share with others what we know as afar as internet is concerned

– To teach/help newbies on how to choose topics, niches, manage blogs and have a responsive blog designs.

– To offer web services such as web/blog design, redesign, Tutorial and consultation, domain registration and integration etc.

– To offer a place where website or blog owners can sell their websites/blogs and where readymade blogs can be bought.

Mission Of Assist Blogger

To achieve the aforementioned visions and other things to be added in the future.

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