Adsense Ready Blogger Templates (Add Ads Codes Inside Your Post)


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You might be wondering how you can make your Google AdSense codes appear inside your blogger post like some of your friends do. If you have, congrats as I have found solutions for you.

There are lots of articles on;

How to add Google AdSense codes inside blogspot post

How to add Google AdSense codes below blogspot post title

How to add Google AdSense codes below blogspot post content e.t.c on the internet.

These procedures can be dangerous if you do not how to do them properly. What if I told you you can actually add Google AdSense codes below post title, between post and after content on blogspot with AdSense ready blogger templates built to serve such purpose?

In this article, I will share with four (4) AdSense ready blogger templates that let you add Google AdSense codes below post title, inside post and after content on blogspot.

On WordPress, there is no trouble of looking for special theme… Plugins are there to solve the problem.

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Benefits of adding Google AdSense codes Inside post

Adding AdSense codes below post title, inside post and after content let your visitors see them and increases the chance of being acted upon.

Don’t be surprise to see that some of your audiences do not pass the level of post contents.

AdSense Ready Blogger templates that allow you add Google AdSense codes inside post

These templates am about to share are the ones I  have used before on blogspot. Tested and trusted. The good thing about these templates is that, free versions allow you to add Google AdSense codes inside post, except Goodness Blogger template(Only paid version).

1). Goodness Blogger Template [Designed By Blogging Prince]

Assist Blogger started on blogspot and the template I used there was Goodness Blogger Template. It naturally allows you add Google AdSense codes below post title, inside post and after content. Not only AdSense, but also any ad network you use.

It was developed by Blogging Prince and for sale only.

See full description of the template here

I can help you set up the template on your blog at a very cheap. Chat me up(Tab on the WhatsApp link)

2). SimpleOn Blogger Template

3). SimpleUp Blogger Template

4). Gampang Blogger Template

5). Mosethemes

These last three templates were developed by ThemeIndie. And they have almost same design. SimpleOn and SimpleUp look so similar. Only Gampang is a bit different (it’s the one I love most).

They are all fast and extremely responsive. See their full descriptions on ThemeIndie. Check out my guide on websites to download free blogger templates
See the Demo of the SimpleOn on Nairaleave(He is not using AdSense yet).

See the Demo of Gampang on Techkibay

If you need any of these templates’ Premium Version (with removed footer credit), contact me now.

Wrapping Up

If you want to increase your AdSense earning while you blog on blogspot, any of these AdSense ready blogger templates will be indispensable.

Now that you have read, help your fellow bloggers by pushing these post to them.

I can be hired to redesign your blog, whether on blogspot or WordPress.


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