After Buying My Domain Name, Will My Website Be Automatically Visible?


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Welcome to Ask Assist Blogger today and we shall be answering this question; after buying my domain name, will my website be automatically visible?

Before answering, let’s have a brief look at what domain name means and what makes up a website.

What is domain name?

Domain name or custom domain name is your website address. It is what whoever wants to read your contents type in their browser to access your website.

Domain name is liken to your house/office address. E.g, and so on. Those examples are top level domains (TLD). See a guide on Domain Name Mistakes to avoid.

Can I have custom domain name free of charge?

Custom domain names are sold by web hosting companies and domain registrars. Price of domain names is depends on their extensions. See where to buy cheap domain names here.

Yes, you can have a free custom domain name from some web hosting companies that offers free domain when you buy their hosting service. E.g DomainKing.

What makes up a website?

A website is made up of custom domain name, web hosting account and CMS installed on your purchased server. Wait, let me explain further but before then, let me answer the question.

After buying my domain name, will it be automatically visible

After buying my domain name, will my website be automatically visible?

No, it won’t! Having just a domain name doesn’t mean you already have a website and as such people can’t find you on Google and other search engines.

Before you can be visible on Google, you need either of these two things below;

  1. Web host account
  2. Blogspot account for you to connect your domain name

Let me explain further….

1). When you buy a web host account, you will be provided a server space, Cpanel where you can install CMS of your choice (WordPress, Joomla etc) on your domain and then you can set up your self hosted website.

After you set it up and start publishing meaningful and engaging contents, before sure people find you on Google and other.

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2). You can also use your domain name with your free Blogspot account. When you do so, your blog will be hosted on Blogspot.

How you can connect custom domain name to Blogspot, is explained here.

How to fast track your website visibility on search engines

This is a long process but let me summarize it for you.

After setting up website and it is up and running, you need to build lots of backlinks to it. See a comprehensive guide on how to build backlinks here.

Backlinks will help to shoot up your domain authority, thereby increasing your chances of ranking on search engines.

And secondly, you need as many meaningful contents as you can get on your website.

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