Benefits Of Using Custom Domain Name For Your Blog

What Is Custom Domain?

Custom domains are domains like .net, .online, .org, .blog etc). In this post I will tell you about the benefits of having custom domain.


A custom domain name, is a domain name you buy from a domain dealer/company online.


Do you want to become a professional blogger? If yes, then you should consider having a custom domain on your blog.

Most bloggers start with the free domains such as or because the blogging investment is zero.

According to shoutmeloud, that is a safe way to start, but as someone who is looking forward to creating a career in blogging, that is huge mistake.


Shoutmeloud further emphasized that, those bloggers who use free blogging platform usually don’t like to invest in custom domain. They feel they can always change to a custom domain when they are getting more traffic. But that is so untrue.


1. You lose domain authority when you switch to a custom domain, because you might have droven lots of traffic to your blog. When you then think of getting a custom domain, your traffic will go back to zero.


2. You can only use google adsense to monetize your blog (that is if its blogspot). And am sure you know they can be unpredictable. If your account is banned by adsense, you can not reapply which means you will have to try alternatives. Don’t be surprised that some alternatives have stricter rules than adsense.


3. When you later buy a custom domain, you will need to submit a sitemap to all search engine again.


4. You will need to update your blog`s url on all social media.



1. You have better exposure in search engines, especially google


2. You increase your chance of getting approval by AdSense


3. Makes you look professional and users will find your blog trustworthy


4. Credibility: Getting a custom domain is a good signal of how seriously you take your business or blogging career


6. If you are business owner, custom domains also help your business get found online more easily.


My favorite domain provider is They are good to go for and their customer support is superb as they are 24/7 ready to attend to your complaints. Scroll up to the header of this very blog and search for your preferred domain to buy. You can buy now and use later.
NOTE: Before you can use your custom domain on wordpress self-hosted blog, you will need to buy a hosting plan from a reputable company which Namecheap is one. For more info, contact me (to create a self hosted blog for you) here

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