Blog For Sale: Buy NigeriaNewsBreak At Cheap Rate

Hello lovely, there is a blog for sale. The blog is NigeriaNewsBreak at a very cheap rate. The blog is well optimized. It has been submitted to Google search console, Yandex


DA: 13

PA: 12

Age: The blog is 3 months old

Host: The blog is hosted on Blogspot and domain registrar is GoDaddy

Facebook Page: 630likes and still counting

WhatsApp Page: Available

Traffic source: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Yandex and Google

Monetization: NigeriaNewsBreak is currently being monetized via AdSense and sponsored posts. You can still apply for AdSense with it and got approved.


Category of NigeriaNewsBreak

The blog is in News and Entertainment niche. It also writes about Motivation topics, health, life hacks and more.

Reason for selling NigeriaNewsBreak

The owner wants to focus on other blogs coupled with school activities.

Selling Price: N10k without AdSense. 20k with AdSense

Visit the blog ==> NigeriaNewsBreak <==

Contacts Of Seller

Phone: 08151244131


WhatsApp: 09027926138