Giftalworld Vs LPV Forum: Which Is Better To Join And Legit?


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Giftalworld vs LPV Forum

This is a guide that will be on Giftalworld vs LPV Forum: Which is better income program in Nigeria and the one you can join.

In this guide, you will learn;

  • How Giftalworld and LPV Forum works
  • The best get paid to read news website (Giftalworld and LPV Forum in focus)

Let’s get started!

Why compare the two when you can join them both?

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Who founded Giftalworld and LPV Forum?

Giftalworld was founded by Raji Ibrahim in 2018 while LPV Forum was founded by Pynith limited, an ICT firm in Nigeria in the late 2019. The two programs are both registered with CAC.

Giftalworld has over 375k members while LPV Forum has over 120k members as at the time of publishing this article.


How Giftalworld and LPV Forum Work

Giftalworld income program and LPV Forum are both get paid to read news websites in Nigeria. Though they are in same category of income program, but they have little differences.

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Pay his members for reading news, daily login, share sponsored posts, share sponsored campaign, referrals. Giftalworld pays the highest referral bonus.

LPV Forum logo

LPV Forum

Daily login, Reading, Commenting, Submitting post, Referral, share sponsored posts.

Cost of Registration of Giftalworld and LPV Forum

Giftalworld registration fee is N3000. While, LPV Forum registration fee is N1500 and N3000 (LPV has two plans).


Learn more about Giftalworld or LPV Forum.

Membership plans on Giftalworld and LPV Forum

Giftalworld income program has no membership levels or plans. It operates single membership level.


LPV Forum has two membership plans; Premium (N1500) & Gold (N3000).

Maximum daily earnings on Giftalworld and LPV Forum

On Giftalworld, you can keep earning as long you perform the necessary activities. Login, reading news, share sponsored post, shared campaign. You can only get paid when you read the current news for a particular day.

On LPV Forum, if you are on Premium plan, the maximum earning is N500 (which covers all the activities), on the Gold plan, the maximum earning per day is N800 and the plan will be renewed every three months.

Registration bonus of Giftalworld and LPV Forum

The moment you finish your registration and are activated on Giftalworld, you get 3,000 GAS which is equal to N900. While,

LPV Forum pays bonus of N300 if you join the premium plan.

Referral bonus on Giftalworld and LPV Forum

For Giftalworld, the referral bonus is N1500 and you can withdraw once you have minimum of 4 referrals that is N6000. While on LPV Forum, the referral bonus is N1000 if the person join the premium plan and you can cashout once you have minimum of 5 referrals, that’s 5k.

Do Giftalworld and LPV Forum pays without referrals?

Yes, they both pay without referrals. The minimum earning to be withdrawn on Giftalworld is 15,000 GAS which is equal to N15,000 twice every week. While, the minimum earning to cash out on LPV Forum is 10,000 LARS which is eual to N5,500.

From the new Giftalworld policy, 1 GAS point is equal to N1.

Is Giftalworld and LPV Forum legit or scam?

They are both legit. Forget about people ranting on social media, I joined both programs so I know how they both operate.

Make sure you follow their guides.

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Wrapping up Giftalworld vs LPV Forum

These two income programs in Nigeria are the current best so far. There has been lots of testimonies about them.

Join the one you can afford based on your pocket. But why compare the two when you can join them and make double money?

Are you on any of these two programs? Drop your view in the comment.


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