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How Obama Applied For Google AdSense And Got Approved



Today am going to show you how Obama applied for Google AdSense and got approved. You know who Obama is right? Now I can hear you saying; Obama has a blog? Are you kidding me, SirPhren? Can Obama actually go into blogging? Lolz…

Well well, I caught you! (Smiles).

There is no connection between Obama and Google AdSense as of this moment. Am seriously laughing at you!

In this post I will show you how you can apply for Google AdSense like a pro and got approved within three (3) days.

What Is Google AdSense?

I believe this is not your first time of hearing/reading about it, if possible it is, Google AdSense is the major  out of many ways in which bloggers monetize their blogs. Simply by applying for it, if approved, place the AdSense codes on their blogs and start making money (whisper…it’s not that easy).

Below are the things you must take into consideration before you apply for Google AdSense, during your application and after.

Apply for google AdSense

Things To Do Before You Apply For Google AdSense

I know you want to monetize your blog, who wouldn’t? But before you go ahead to do so, see the things expected of your blog.

1). Applying With Free Subdomains

Free sub domains are the domains you get from opening a blog on free platforms of WordPress or blogspot(the two most common CMS). E g or Presently, you can not monetize your blog with AdSense on free WordPress account.

On free blogspot account, you can but your approval will be faster if you have a custom domain with your blog. Read the things you should know about blogging on free platforms before you opt in here.

2). Your Blog Design

Before you think about applying for Google AdSense, make sure your blog design is mobile-friendly, responsive and easily navigable. Such that it won’t be difficult for your visitors to go from one page to another. Desist from killing your blog with lots of posts from every categories. The lesser gadgets you have, the faster your blog.

If you don’t know much about blog designing, check out lists of websites you can download free blogger templates for your blog here or hire me.

3). Your Blog Pages

Before you jump to the earning section of your blog or AdSense website to apply, you must have the following pages in place. Viz;

° About Page: This tells google what your blog is about, which will help in the kind of ads that will be displayed on your blog. Don’t forget, it is one of the important pages of your blog. Write it extensively. This may also include about you as the founder of the blog or create a separate page for it.

° Contact Us page: This page tells your blog visitors how they can contact you either by filling some kind of form or chatting with you directly.

° Privacy policy: This is also important. The information you will be collecting from your blog visitors, this page tells how you will collect it. If you have difficulty writing this page, just type on google “privacy policy generator”, you will be guided in no time.

° Disclaimer page: If your blog cut across health niche, sharing videos, audios, etc, it is expected of you to have this page. Some people combined it with DMCA. This page tells your visitors the content is for information only. If you also have affiliate links, this page is used in informing your visitors.

To learn more on vital pages to have on your blog/website, click here.

4). Your Blog Contents

Do not forget, content is king. Before you put in for AdSense, it is expected of you to have about 10-20 original contents of about 1000+ words. If your blog is full of copy and paste contents, I advice you trash them immediately. If you don’t, AdSense will keep telling you, insufficient contents. Read what Blogging Prince said about it here.

5). Other Advert Networks

Google AdSense is a jealous ad network. Don’t apply for it when you already have an ad on your blog. Whether compatible or not, first remove it before applying. Also, before you use any ad network with AdSense, make sure it is compatible.

Extra tip: Some bloggers often talk about domain age. I advice you let your be like 3-6months old before you apply.

About traffic, it doesn’t really determine your approval but, you need huge traffic to make the money.

How obama applied for google AdSense

Things To Do After You Apply For Google AdSense

It doesn’t end in the first stage. They still consider some things after you apply. If care is not taken, AdSense may decide not to approve your application.

1). Don’t change your blog template/theme

After you register, you will be given a code you embed in the <head> of your blog. It is via that code, one of their engineers can monitor and analyse your blog. If you change your blog template or theme when you have not been approved, you will lose the code thereby disconnecting AdSense from analyzing your blog which may result in disapproval. You have to wait for the approval message before you go ahead with changing your blog look.

2). Don’t put in for Google AdSense alternatives yet

Like I said above, let other AdSense alternatives wait till later. After your approval or when you are tired of waiting for AdSense, you can go ahead with alternatives.

3). Put an eye on your mail box for mails from AdSense

One of the mistakes you must not make is abandoning the gmail you sign up with at this time. AdSense may decide to notify you of some things they want you to delete or add, if you don’t check your mailbox, you will lose that.

Things To Do After Google AdSense Approve Your Blog

All of these stages are important. Now that you have been approved (congrats![In advance if you haven’t]), do these things to your AdSense and blog.

1). Read AdSense policy and stick to their rules and regulations

Manage to scan through their policies, if you can’t read all. Some of which are; No sensitive contents, no self click on ads, don’t place your ad where your visitors can mistakenly click on it while trying to do something else etc.

2). Embed the ad codes on your blog strategically

To get your ad codes, login to your AdSense dashboard with your email and password. There you can use author ads or manually insert them.

The best places to embed your ad codes, according to Solomon Miller is, Above the fold, under your post title, in between posts on home page, in between your content, at the end of your content, before comment or after. Remember, its their policy that you must not have more than 3 ads on a page. At worst 4. If you do, it has negative impacts.

3). Drive traffic to your blog

Now that you have been approved, drive traffic to your blog to make the money you have been dreaming of. Read more on how to drive traffic to your blog here.

4). Verify your account once you reach “verification threshold”

Once your earning reaches like £10, you will be notified in your AdSense account to update address where your account verification pin will be sent to. Make sure you do this. You can’t cash out your revenue if you are not verified.


You were wondering how Obama applied for google AdSense? I caught you…Lolz.

These are the techniques I used to apply for Google AdSense and got approved within three days. Don’t be discourage if it takes longer than days but make sure you don’t forbidden contents on your blog. If its as a result of not enough contents, check your contents.

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I am Obembe Sunday Dapo. A Registered Nurse, Writer, Blogger & Blog designer. Am simply an internet addict. I love sharing information with people. "The more you teach, the more you learn." I own AssistBlogger. Learn more about me HERE👈You are welcome! Don't forget to like my page.👍

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Simple Tips To Earn N500 Daily On NNU Income Revealed



What’s good guys? How have you been spending your data online? Does it fetch you money? If no, you are missing out BIG TIME! Today, I will show you how to earn N500 daily on nnu income (Nigeria News Updates) without any stress. Are you ready?! I did write on how to make money online without a blog. Click here to check it out.

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What Is NNU income ?

NNU Income Program is a program that deals with financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for participant to earn passive income on monthly basis.

How Does It Work?

The way NNU income works is simple.

1) You get paid for reading articles, commenting, login in daily and for sharing sponsored post on your twitter and Facebook profile.

2). You get paid N1000 (62.5%) when you refer your friend or relatives. How cool!

When you login daily, you get paid N50. When you read an article you get paid N2. When you share sponsored post, you get paid N100. When you submit a post and got approved, you get N100. Are you doing the calculation now? Good!

How Do I Register On NNU income To Be Approved Fast?

To register for NNU income, you will need a functioning Email account, First and Last name, Username, Phone number, Facebook profile, Twitter, Valid MasterCard or Verve and a token of N1600. Am giving out free N600 to the first five people that want me to register it for them. Chat me up now!

Let’s go to registration proper. To register for NNU income program, click on REGISTER NOW. Then fill the registration form by entering your first and last name, Email, Username, Phone number, Referral (Leave it as it is), Passwords, click on Pay with Paystack, click on you accept their terms and conditions and click on register. Done!

After this step, you will see a page saying your account is still pending. What you will do is simple. Just Click on continue payment with Paystack. When you do, choose pay with card (this is where you need your MasterCard).

After choosing pay with card, enter the long numbers on your card in the first column, then expiry date and then cvv(the three numbers at the other side of your ATM card.

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Upon successful entering of the card numbers, it will ask for your ATM pin, enter it. When successful, will again ask for otp pin that will sent to your email or phone number (the number you used for your bank account), enter it and you will be notified if successful. Boom! It’s as simple as that to register.

You will see registration completed. You can then continue to make money. First, go to my account at the top of the page, login with the Username and password you provided during registration and login to see your dashboard.

What to do after successful registration

After you might have been approved, the important things to do are;

  1. Login to your dashboard and click on profile edition. Here you will include your other biodata plus your Facebook profile Username and click on update.
  2. Go to sponsored post, choose the current date and you will see procedures on how to share the sponsored post for that on Facebook and twitter.
  3. To read latest posts, make sure you are still logged, go to the top of the page, there you will see front page. Click on it and scroll down to see the latest posts. View each post and get paid.
  4. Go to the Affiliate/Referral link to get your referral link so that you can start referring your friends. If you have a blog or website, there are banners you can use on your blog too.

How to get referrals

To get referrals, there are simple ways to go about it. Viz;

  • Advertise on blogs: By placing your banner with your affiliate link on blogs, you get referrals in no time, for a token. Contact me to help you. It is cheap.
  • Run Facebook advertisement: With N5000, you can run a campaign on Facebook that can fetch you close to 20+ referrals in a month.
  • Words of mouth: Tell your friends, relatives and social media friends about the program and refer them via your affiliate link. Simple.

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Tips To Earn N500 Daily On NNU

The tips to get N500 daily on NNU is simple. Can you open up to 100-200 new posts per day? No no no no no…its not exhausting. I do it within 10minutes.

What you will do is, wait for the website to have lots of new posts and open as many as you can in a new tabs on your browser. But, don’t forget to login before doing this. After you might have opened them, open and close them one by one. You don’t need to read. It is that simple.

Let do simple mathematics.

Daily login is N50. 50*30days = N1500

Sponsored post is N100. 100*30days = N3000

Submit post is N100(if approved). 100*30days = N3000

Viewing of post is N2. Assuming you view 200 posts. It will be, 2*200*30days = N12000

Assuming you referred 5 people. 1000*5 = 5000

In total = N24500!

This is by just using your data wisely on the internet. What are you still waiting for! Its not up to money you spend on data every month.

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