How To Download YouTube Videos


Have you ever thought of how you can download videos from YouTube? Maybe you are in a bus and you stumbled upon a video you love to watch on YouTube and wish you could download and watch later. I have felt that before too.

In this article, I will show you how to download videos from YouTube in two ways.

According to statistics online, YouTube is the third most visited web page with gazillions of videos for us to learn, get entertained and even laugh over. The videos on YouTube are designed to be streamed live but, if you want to watch it again, wouldn’t it be a waste of data on the same movie?

The two ways to download videos from YouTube are using an app and adding a code to the video URL. Plus, you can save offline and play later without using data. But not all videos can be played later.

How to Download YouTube Videos using app

The app is made by and its not on google playstore. offers you the fastest way to save video from YouTube with the best quality.


Click here to download the app. The instructions on how to install and use will be provided while downloading the app. Meanwhile, you have to select on your phone setting installation from unknown sources.


Another app to download YouTube videos is Tubmate. It works just like YouTube app itself. It is not also available on Google playstore.

Click here to learn more on how to download and use.

How To Download Youtube videos Without app

If you can’t risk using the app on your phone as your phone security may tag it as threatening, this method is for you.

1). Go to desktop version of youtube web page. I mean do not use the app. Chrome or Firefox is the browser of choice.

2). Search for the video(s) you want to download.

3). Long-click on it to copy the url of the video or just copy from the address bar e.g

4). Paste the code in the address bar of your browser, then add ss in front of youtube. Like this =>

Then click enter.

5). If you have good internet connection, it will bring something like the image below.

How to download YouTube videos

6). Click on the download dropdown menu to select the version you wish to download eithe mp4, mp3, HD etc.

7). Click on download and wait for your browser to notify when it’s done downloading.

It is that simple!

Other method: To watch videos offline, though some youtubers restrict that on their channel, you just have to save it for offline viewing. You can either use app or browser. Below each video, you will see save. Click on it, it will pop up, then chose the amount of megabyte you can afford for it and click save. That’s all!

Do you know of anyway videos can be downloaded? Feel free to share.