How To Get Referrals On Income Programs In Nigeria

This Referrals Hacker eBook provides ways on how to get referrals on income programs in Nigeria.

Do you have trouble referring people to the income programs you joined? I have a solution to how to get referrals on income programs in Nigeria.

Have you been wondering how people that get hundreds of referrals on income programs/get paid to read news websites in Nigeria are doing it?

Wonder no more.

What you need is Referrals Hacker Pro.

What is Referrals Hacker Pro?

IT IS AN EBOOK (not an app) that teaches you how to get referrals easily.

Referrals Hacker Pro is the perfect tool you need to get referrals on income programs you joined so that you can make the money you should make.

  • I only used one of the hacks to get 24 referrals on Giftalworld in less than a week.
  • I also used one of the hacks to get 20 referrals on LPV Forum in 16 days.

Why you should get Referrals Hacker Pro

You should buy it if you really want to make lots of money online from the get paid to read news websites or other income programs in Nigeria.

I’m sure you don’t want to be waiting on reading news and sharing sponsored posts alone.

The big money is in referring people.

What you will gain when you buy the referrals hacker

  1. How to get referrals to any income programs in Nigeria (Giftalworld, LPV Forum, Sunbiz, AyPays etc)
  2. You may end up abandoning activities on the income programs and focus on referring people

Will it work for me?

Yes, it will work amazingly for you if you are ready to take actions. It works for me amazingly, it will work for you too.

How much to get Referrals Hacker Pro

Referrals Hacker Pro costs N3,000 but,

you will be getting it for just N500. That’s if you hurry up now. Price will be back to N1,000 by Friday 19th, JUNE.

Fill the payment form below and make your payment. Your download start immediately.

NOTE: It will only be available at N500 for just 5days. Promo ends by 29th of May.

Payment Form For Referral Hacker Pro

Minimum payable amount NGN 500

* are compulsory

NOTE: Your download starts immediately you pay.


Pay Into The Account Details Below

  • Account Number: 0160506003
  • Account Name: Obembe Sunday D
  • Bank Name: GTB
  • Amount: N500

When you make your payment, contact me on WhatsApp (09030945543) or click on the button below.

WARNING: Don’t call me or chat me up if you have not paid.


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