How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog Quickly

It is indeed the ambition of every blogger to the increase Alexa rank of his/her website. Unfortunately, the truth lays that 70% of bloggers don’t even know where to start in order to increase their Alexa rank.


The other sad part of the story is that,

Lots of websites publish fake tutorials on how to increase alexa rank. They either tell you to write a review about alexa, or send bot traffic to your website’s subdomain.

Unfortunately, Masses of bloggers have stuck to this bad advice and got their domains blacklisted.

The fact remains:

Sending bot traffic to your blog will cause more harm than good and your alexa rank won’t increase.

Here’s how the system works:

Alexa is indeed very smart and uses an advancement in technology to differ bot traffic from human traffic.

The sole purpose of alexa rank is also to determine what website enjoys the majority of human traffic most.

Therefore, it will definitely tarnish their ambition if bot traffic influence the system.

Disregard every means of blackhat method telling you to run bot traffic to your website in order to increase alexa rank.

Most of those articles were made some years ago without updates and indeed alexa system has improved.

What Is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is a rough measure of a website’s popularity as compared with all other websites on the Internet, by taking account of numbers of unique visitors and numbers of pages viewed on each visit. Alexa rank totally depends on website traffic. Alexa collects information from users who have installed Alexa tool bar on their browsers and gives rank to sites based on a specific algorithm.

How to increase Alexa rank

Reasons Why It Is Necessary To Boost Alexa Rank Of Your Website

You may be wondering why people admire alexa rank. The fact stands that alexa internet has given different websites grades and that means no website on the on internet has equal respect with another.

Below are awesome reasons bloggers work to improve alexa rank of their website.


Endorsements And Contracts

It is a proven truth that websites with an improved alexa rank get offers and contracts from companies or organizations either to place advertisements or partner with your website.

When this happens, you know you don’t even have to rely on AdSense anymore to earn because this is usually a big money deal in most cases.

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Respect Among Fellow Bloggers

A higher alexa rank shows the class of a blogger from another. The truth is when a website has an improved alexa rank, his respect is also ensured. Fellow Bloggers will tend to respect him because of his website’s alexa rank. If you’re a blogger that tends to attract respect then increasing your alexa rank has to be a priority.

Increase In Website Worth

Increasing your website’s alexa rank also increases your website’s worth.

Well, what exactly do I mean?

Just incase you decide to sell your website one day, there are many domain selling places places on the internet where you can buy and sell domains. The fact lays that the websites with a higher alexa rank cost more than those with a bad or low alexa rank.


it has to be an obligation to increase alexa rank of your website if you have the intention of selling your website probably one day.

Proves Your Website’s Massive Traffic

Alexa rank was made to grade websites on their traffic status. Therefore, websites with high alexa rank indeed will gain impression that it is receiving a huge number of human visitors daily.

How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Website Quickly

So here are the proven ways to increase alexa rank quickly:

Install Alexa Rank Toolbar

The most necessary thing first and foremost is to install alexa rank toolbar. This is quite possible if you have a computer. Alexa recognizes traffic that comes from computers with alexa toolbar installed far more accurately than that with no toolbar installed.

So here’s what you’ll do:

Install the toolbar on your browser, preferably the one you use in accessing your website admin panel.

Each time you visit your website admin panel then alexa counts it as a traffic and your alexa rank will witness daily improvements.

Increase In Organic Traffic Boosts Alexa Rank

The best and most sought after form of traffic is organic traffic. It is no doubt the best source of traffic.

In my experiments and case-study, getting organic traffic will increase your alexa rank 10-times faster.


These are proven ways I used in boosting my website’s Alexa rank and I recommend you also follow my practices in increasing your website too. There is no trick to increase Alexa rank and using blackhat methods will one day backfire so it is obviously discouraged.

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