How To Know If An Income Program Is A Scam Before You Join

How To Know If An Income Program Is A Scam Before You Join
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This guide will walk you through how to know if an income program is a scam so you don’t end up wasting your hard earned money.

If you are reading this you’ve probably been a victim of fake income programs in Nigeria. We did write on reasons you may not make money online, read here.

In this article, after making some findings, we will reveal to you how to recognize if an income program in Nigeria is a scam.

What is an income program?

These are online websites or companies that promise to pay you for either your investment or activities you do when you register on them as a premium members.

There are lots of income programs in Nigeria and we have talked about them in our make money online category.

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How to know if income program is a scam

1). Too good to be true:

If you come across any income program in Nigeria that showcase deals that look good to be true, double check before you join or run for your life. Deals like; make 10% interest on your investment in a day, make 300% interest in a month etc.

2). Social media handles:

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Social media is a vital aspect of every business these days. Check if the income program you wish to join has one.

Scammers are often too lazy to dedicate time and effort to social media. And if you find out they have, check if they are updated often and see what people say about them.

3). Check if their name conflicts with other online brands:

If the income program uses a name similar to other brands online but not in same country, chances are the program wants to just come and pack people money.

NOTE: is not owned by The owner is You may end up blaming yourself if you play with your money or time on sites like that.

4). Check the duration bought on their domain name:

JuiceBox Creatives s Review

To do this, go to and put in the website address of that program and it will bring out necessary information about the website address.

If its just a year duration, chances are they are not fully ready to stay for long.

Although, it is not in all cases. Jumble Box bought 5 years duration on their domain and lots of people have been complaining.

5). Check their withdrawal policy:

Check to see what an income program says about when and how you can withdraw your earnings. For get paid to read news website, can you withdraw without referrals? How long will it take them to pay you? Make sure you get right answers before you join. People that are doing it and cashing  out are the right people to ask.

6). Check the reviews about them on other sites:

How to know if an income program is a scam

No income program will say bad thing about themselves.  Assist Blogger Academy has been reviewing some income programs in Make Money Online category. Also, is a good to check if a website is a scam or legit.

7). Contact address & info:


Check if the site has a valid contact address. For instance, Assist Blogger Academy is situated at 9, Otegbeye, Oke-aro, Akure, Ondo State. If you type that in Google map, you will surely see us.

Also check if the income program you plan joining has functioning phone number, email and any other means of reaching out to them.

A legit program will reply to you within hours or at worst in the next day.

8). Make sure they are transparent:

A transparent like LPV Forum will make sure they let you know how things are done and going on their site. They let you know when you will get alert if you place withdrawal request and let you know if there will be extra charges.

9). Make sure it is not fake testimonies you fall for

How to recognize if income program is a scam

It is not uncommon that people can just come up with fake alerts and testimonies these days. The best place to get the real is if you ask someone doing it.

What We Recommend

What will you advice you do is to make sure you don’t invest the amount of money you can make you cry if you lose. Invest money that is insignificant to you to test how legit the sites can be in order to avoid stories that touch.

Don’t just be too greedy to start with the highest plan!

I want you know that the people behind the operation of the incomes programs are human beings. Anything can happen anytime.

Do necessary background check before you join any income program in Nigeria.

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