How To Make Money Online Without A Blog

Do you want want to make money online without a blog? I was in a lecture room two years ago and I went to search engine to make my searches on how to make money online.

I came across so many things but not all of them answered how i can do it online as a student with just a Facebook and Twitter accounts. It was then I went for blogging.

So many young folks think only those with websites or blogs make money. It is not so. In this post, am going to show you how you can make money online without a blog – some you have to invest a certain amount, some you don’t. There are thousands of testimonial on social media, especially Facebook.

In some of these ways am going to show you, there are skills you must have had. If you haven’t any, you can learn. I recently wrote on Free Courses You Can Take Online. You may want to read there article here

As a student, you may not want to go through the stress of opening a blog, which will take you some times to gain ground, before you can make money online.

You can make money by doing any of these things I will discuss below.

1). You Can Make Money As An Editor

Yes, if you know how to edit articles and confident about it, you can make the money, either weekly or monthly. Are you a student of English Language? Do you understand sentence construction? Have you seen error in this article you are reading? You will make a good editor.

Even if you are not a student of English Language, you can still make money from reading blogs that publish articles on your area of discipline.

How Can I Apply As An Editor?

It’s not something hard to do. There are some sites on the internet that solely deal with skills in that area.

Some bloggers may announce they need an editor, some may not. But, no one want his/her visitors to come across errors on his blog. To apply, you can use the contact page of a popular website/blog you know and suggest to them you can edit their posts for them. Try as many as possible and see what comes out of it.

If you have a website/blog you can do it for free, do. Because that will serve as your portfolio.

2). You Can Make Money online As A Writer

Do you have the talent to write and melt readers heart with your article? This is for you. If you love writing, you don’t have to waste the talent by doing it and keep under your pillow. When you do, you are the only one that reads it there. Let people discover you.

If you write on topics like Health, Business, Motivation, Reports etc, you can make money online. Few months ago, I paid someone to do that. But have at the back of your mind, you need to build your portfolio. If you love writing/reporting news, contact me now!

To find out more on this, check out and

3). You Can Make Money online without a blog As An Affiliate Agent

This requires no skill. You can make use of it if you have a blog or not. All you need is your Facebook profile or page and you are good to go.

Have you imagined millions of people using the social media, especially Facebook? What can this online population do for you? In Nigeria presently, you can affiliate with Jumia, Konga, Ajebo market etc. Just master the strategy of notifying your social media friends and getting them to buy things online.

Also with your WhatsApp, you can create a group where you can get to help people order goods from these online stores and get your commission as an affiliate agent. I know of someone that do that. To join any of these online store, visit their websites.

How to make money online without a blog

4). You Can Make Money Sharing Blog Posts On Social Media

This is the simplest of them all! You do not need to know how to write or proofread articles, all you need is to be active on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. How long have you been on Facebook? Have you made any money out of your stay? No? the good news is, now you can monetize your stay on your Facebook.

This sharing of posts is different from the one you do when you share an interesting or helpful article you read. You do it because you get something from it and it must be consistent.

There are programs online that helps you monetize your stay on Facebook. Some of the reliable ones are and wakanda nation. The only thing in this two programs is that, you will have to register with N1600 to be able to partake. After you register, you can  then starting as low as N350 per day. To register for this nnu earning program, click here.

To learn how you can read and share news on your Facebook timeline with no registration fee, chat me up on whatsApp.


You might have been thinking of a way to make money online without a blog. You spend money on data to stay online, why not make something out of it? These are some of the ways you can monetize your stay; As an editor, writer, share blog post and affiliate.

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