How To Make Payment Online With Paystack

In this century, it is not a must to get to the bank before payment for goods can be made. Do you experience difficulty while trying to make payment for a service you purchase online with Paystack? You are not alone. Despite the fact that one can make payment on Paystack in number of ways. In this post, I will reveal to you the easiest way to make payment online with Paystack.

What is Paystack?

Paystack is a Nigerian owned but UK based online payment processor, that helps online businessmen, process payments for goods and services. Also lets you (as internet consumer) pay money for services and products you buy online.

Paystack Gateway also let you pay for goods and services in Naira as a Nigerian. So cool!

Websites like Fellow Nurses,, Blogging Prince etc use Paystack to collect payment.

Who can make payment on Paystack?

Anyone can make payment online using Paystack as long as you have a bank account with a valid debit/credit card.

Ways to make payment on Paystack are via;


    • Pay with Card: This is the easiest and it will be discussed below.


    • Pay with Bank: In pay with Bank, you will choose the name of your bank from the dropdown menu, enter your account number to verify and then continue. But in the case of GTB, you will be redirected to GTB internet banking services.


    • Pay with Visa QR: This will ask you to scan your code. Somehow stressful.


Make payment online with paystack

Easiest way to make payment online with Paystack

Having used paystack to make payment online couple of times, and having heard about people’s inability to use it, I am here to share with you the easiest way to make payment online with paystack.

As highlighted above, you can pay online with paystack in three ways. But the use of debit/credit card is simply the best and easiest way. All you need are the 16-digit codes, expiry date and CVV on your ATM card.

Before you make use of this, make sure the email or the phone number you registered your bank account with is available at the time of making the payment. The reason is because, that’s where OTP pin will be sent to in order finalize the payment.

Steps To Use Your Debit/Credit Card Codes online


  1. Enter the 16digit codes, expiry date and cvv(the 3 numbers at the back of your ATM). Send it.
  2. It will request for your digital pin which is your ATM pin, enter it. After this, OTP pin will be sent to your phone number and email.
  3. Enter the OTP pin and click on continue/make payment. Boom! You are done making payment online with Paystack.


If you encountered problem while trying to make payment online with Paystack for a service(s) you so loved to have, you just learnt how to easily do it now using your debit/credit card.

Note: If you need Paystack account for your online businesses, registration or online classes, feel free to contact me now!

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