How To Move From WordPress To Blogspot Easily

Are you looking for how to successfully move from WordPress to Blogspot? There maybe reason(s) why you decide to move to Blogspot, but whatever it is, I will share with you how to do it successfully in this post.
If you are running free WordPress blog and can not afford self hosted but want to make money from blogging, you may consider moving to blogspot. All you need is just a custom domain which you can’t do on WordPress. Read what I wrote on things to know before starting a blog on free WordPress and blogspot platforms here.
Moving from WordPress to blogspot is not something difficult. But, they are some contents/files that will not be moved.

1). Change your WordPress blog permalink.

Permalink simply means how you configured your posts URLs in your WordPress dashboard. In WordPress, you can change your permalink to any form you want. But in blogspot, you can not. So, before you export your files from WordPress, first convert it to same permalink used on blogspot. I.e title.html. This is necessary because it will help you to easily redirect your post URLs and also reduce your 404 error pages.

2). Images will not be imported to blogspot

If you want to move from free WordPress to blogspot, this will not be a problem. All you have to do is to leave your WordPress blog undeleted and the images on the exported files will still redirect to the ones on the WordPress.
But, if you are moving from a self hosted blog to blogspot, you will lose all your images. The only solution available in such case is to upload them one by one, which is time consuming.

3). Export your contents first on WordPress before deleting the blog

This is a costly mistake you can’t afford to make when you want to move from WordPress to blogspot or otherwise. Make sure you export your files from WordPress before you think of deleting the blog. Because once you delete, you may not be able to restore.

4). Create blogspot account

You may have a your reasons for moving to blogspot. One of the things to do is to create an account on blogspot. Visit If you already have a custom domain, disconnect it from your WordPress blog after you might have changed the permalink and exported your files. Connect the the domain to the new blogspot blog and ensure it is up and running. If you do not know how to connect custom domain to blogspot, contact me.

How To Export Your Contents From WordPress

Before you can have your contents on your new blogspot blog, you must export it. To export contents from WordPress blog, follow the steps below;
1). Login to your WordPress dashboard and locate Tools. When you see, click on it.
Move from WordPress to blogspot
2). After clicking on it, you will see export and import. Since you are exporting, click on export.
3). When you click on export, you will see a page asking you to select the posts you want to export. If its all, select all and click on download export file. In a matter of seconds, your exported file will be ready. Take note of its name to make it easier for you to find.

How To Convert Exported Contents

From WordPress To Blogger XML File

Now that you have exported your files from WordPress, you will now need to convert it to blogger XML file so that you can import it to your blogspot blog.
Unlike WordPress where you can import files exported from blogspot, you need this conversion to make it work on blogspot.
All you have to do is go to wordpress2blogger converter. When you do, you will see a section asking you to upload files as seen in the diagram below. Upload the file you exported from your WordPress blog and convert it. It will notify you when it is done and take note of the name it is saved by so that you can easily find it.
Simple! The last step is importing to blogspot.

How To Import WordPress Contents To Blogspot

This is the last step in moving from WordPress to blogspot. To do this, follow the steps below.
1). Login to your blogspot admin area. When you do, go straight to settings and click on it.
2). Click on Other after you might have clicked on settings
3). Click on Import contents as seen in the diagram below.
4). When you click on import contents, you will see a pop up tab. Click on upload file to choose the file you converted to blogger XML. Don’t tick automatically publish imported contents because you may not want to publish all.
How to move from WordPress to blogspot
When you do these correctly, you will see your posts, pages and comments. All you will need to do is reset your blog labels/categories. Don’t know how? Download my free eBook on blogspot for beginners.


That is simply how to move from WordPress to blogspot or blogger successfully without facing any problem.

Was this tutorial helpful? Let me know in the comment if you get it done correctly or you need my help.


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