[HIWAP] How To Post On HIWAP: Step-by-Step Guide

How can I post on HIWAP Income Program? I have registered and upgraded my HIWAP account but I don’t know how to submit my post. If you can relate to these, am going to show you briefly how to post on HIWAP Income Program and make your money.

But before that, quickly have a look at; What HIWAP is, HIWAP registration, and How HIWAP pays.

What is HIWAP Income Program?

HIWAP Income Program means Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program (healthiswealth.ng). It was founded by groups of Nigerians, amongst them are Samuel Joy (a nutritionist) and Solomon Paul of NNU (one of the most visited websites in Nigeria).

Just like every other affiliate programs, they pay you for referrals as part of their incentives.

For more view and understanding, check out my HIWAP review and registration here.

How to do HIWAP registration?

If you by chance you miss my HIWAP review, kindly read how to register on hiwap here. To register on hiwap, you need; Valid email account, your first and last names, phone number, username and password you wish to use.

Step #1. Click here to log on to hiwap Income Program website

Step #2. Click on the menu icon, click on register and fill in your details accordingly. When you are done, you will receive verification email. Check your mail and verify.

Step #3. Once you verify, you will be able to login into dashboard straight away. You will see the diagram below.

How to post articles on hiwap

That means you have successfully registered. The next thing is upgrading your account. If you don’t, you will just be enjoying the articles and not able to post on hiwap to make money.


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How to upgrade hiwap income program membership account

In order to avoid repetition, kindly click here to read how to upgrade your hiwap membership account.  Thank you!


Hiwap pays every Friday with the payment threshold of N5,000. The two ways to make hiwap money are;

1). When you write and submit your article, you will be credited with N1,000 per article.

2). When you refer people to join, you will make 50% per direct referral and 25% per the referral referred by your direct referrals. How cool!

How to post on HIWAP Income Program

To post your articles on HIWAP Income Program, may I remind you that you must have upgraded your account to paid member. After you have, follow the steps below to post on hiwap.

#1. Login to your hiwap account and make sure you are in your account dashboard. Click here

#2. As shown in the diagram below, click on “Click here to create post

How to submit post on hiwap

See the guidlines your hiwap post/articles must follow

    1. It must be unique and quality
    1. It must be original contents and pass the copyscape.com/prosearch.php
    1. It must be 500 words and above
    1. It must be explanatory and informative
    1. Your post title must be Cap Word Case not full CAPITAL CASE.

#3. Fill the form as shown in the diagram below accordingly to post on hiwap.

Areas to fill while posting on HIWAP
Fill these areas accordingly
post area to submit hiwap post
Write your contents, edit, proofread and submit

#4. When done, click on submit and wait for confirmation and crediting your account with N1000

Categories of post on hiwap

The categories of articles you can submit to hiwap are;

    • Fitness
    • Cancer
    • Pains
    • Skin care
    • Nutrition and suplements
    • Diabetes
    • Anti-aging
    • Mental health
    • Sexual health
    • Digestive health
    • Food and drinks
    • Diseases and infections
    • Fruits
    • Hygiene
    • Maternal and child health
    • Drug and medications

Wrapping up how to post on HIWAP Income Program and make money

I have just explained to you how you can submit your post or article on hiwap for you to make money. You don’t have to wait any longer to make money online. As a health worker or student that loves writing, you stand a chance to make N2-5k daily (that amounts to 1000 – 2500 words).

What are you waiting for? Click here to sign up on hiwap.

I hope this helps. Don’t forget to drop a comment. See you in next article.


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