How To Properly Edit Blogger Template

If you are not a template or theme designer, you would have to use a third-party theme, free or premium, on your blog, either on Blogspot or WordPress. But the main issue is how do you edit the template properly as a newbie blogger starting off on Blogspot? In this article, you will learn how to properly edit blogger template.

If your blog is on WordPress, you do not have much problem with theme edition because it is simple to do and it can be done with either your phone tablet or desktop. Unlike blogger template where you need your laptop or desktop to do the edition.

What is a template?

A template (or web template) is a pre-designed webpage, or set of HTML webpages that anyone can use to “plug-in” their own text content and images into to create a website/blog.

Usually, it is built with HTML and CSS codes, website templates allow anyone to set up a website without having to hire a professional web developer or designer.

A Template can have free and paid version or exclusively paid. Check out websites to download free blogger templates here.

What to look for in a template

As a blogger or web designer, there are some things you should look for in a template before you decide to use it for a project. The things are;

  • Responsiveness: Is the template mobile-friendly? Can your visitors easily navigate your website with their phone? Statistics have shown that more 65% of internet users do so with their phone. Before you use any template, check for its responsiveness.
  • Speed: When you view the demo of the template, how fast do you see it? Speed is one of the criteria google uses to rank websites. So, if your template is slow, it can have negative effect on your blog.
  • SEO setup: Some bloggers templates have All-in-one SEO installed. If the template doesn’t have, you will need to add it to your template yourself.

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  • Customizable: Some free versions of blogger templates come with documentation on how to edit and make changes. But it doesn’t have, you will need the service of someone who knows how to edit the template.
  • Ads placement: Make sure the theme allows placement of ads in the header section, below post title, middle of post and end of post which can boost your earning. Check Nigeria NewsBreak for a demo.

How to install blogger template

I discussed this in my eBook and am going to do same here. There are some steps to follow when you want to install a blogger template on your blog. But, the first thing you should know is that, blogger templates come in zip file and you can not install the zip file directly. You will have to unzip to get XML file. Now, to install blogger template, follow these simple steps;

Method 1 to install blogger template

Step 1: Download the zip file of the template [if it is free] and unzip it. But if its paid version, the seller will send the xml file to you directly.

How do you unzip?

Its simple. If it’s on mobile device, install WPS App on your Google playstore. After that, when you download the zip file of the template, open it directly with the WPS App. Therefore, you can install the template with your phone.

If its laptop, there are two ways to install a template.

Step 2: Login to your blogger dashboard and click on theme or template as the case may be. When it opens, click on Backup as shown in the diagram below.

How to edit blogger template

Warning! MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR BLOG TEMPLATE whenever you want to edit your blogger template. We never can tell, mistakes can happen.

Step 3: From the above diagram, click on download theme.

To install new template, click on Upload file. Go to your wps app and choose the XML file of the template you opened with it earlier (If you are using phone).

When uploaded successfully, click on Upload. Wait a moment to see if it’s successfully installed.

If not successful, use method two.

Method 2 to Install Blogger Template

This is only possible on desktop or laptop.

Step 1: Open the template file with TypePad or any app that can open HTML, CSS code. You will see all the template codes. Click Ctrl+A to highlight the codes, then Ctrl+C to copy all the codes at once.

Step 2: Login to your blogger dashboard and click on theme or template as the case may be. When it opens, click on EDIT theme. When you do that, you will see all the codes of the template you are about to change.

Highlight them by clicking Ctrl+A. Then paste the codes you copied above by clicking Ctrl+V.

Then save theme to see if its successful.

That’s how to install blogger template. If none of the above methods works, consult the template seller or redownload and try again.

How to properly edit blogger template

Editing blogger template is not as hard as it seems but it is Paramount to know how to properly edit blogger template when you are about having your blog on Blogspot.

Note: You can only edit your blogger template on your laptop or desktop devices.

To edit blogger template,

1: Login to your blogger dashboard and click on theme or template as the case may be.

2: Click on edit theme as shown in the diagram below

3: You can navigate by jumping to the section you want to edit or search for a particular code e.g </body> by clicking Ctrl+F. You will see a small place to enter the words or codes you are looking for. Enter it and hit on enter on your keyboard.

The word or code should show. If it  doesn’t, refresh your browser and try again.

4: Make sure you save the changes as soon as possible.

5: Read the instructions of the codes you want to add very well before adding.

In blogspot, between <head> and </head> means you can add the codes below <head> or above </head>.

When you are adding any HTML or CSS codes, you will see immediately if the code is right or wrong. So, you can either correct or remove it if you are not sure.

Things to edit in Blogger template

You can not just go and edit blogger template if you do not know things to do there.  The things to edit in blogger templates are;

1). SEO meta tags: Change the search engines and Alexa verification codes to yours. Include your meta descriptions and Keywords.

2). Change your country abbreviation (ng for Nigeria), Include your twitter user handle, include your G+ profile link.

3). Include your Facebook page ID, Facebook admin ID.

4). To change any words, search for it as explained above and change.

5). To change the footer credit, scroll down and look out for it. Mind you, if its free version of the template, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE FOOTER CREDIT!

6). Social media handles. Some templates comes with them. Edit and make the necessary change to yours.

7). Change any other things as you deem fit. Do not forget to save your changes.

[If you are editing a template you already set up, know that all the previous changes will varnish. Make sure you copy your Google, Bing, Yandex verification codes somewhere before changing your template]

After edition editing template, do not forget to remove useless widgets in the layout and rearrange them accordingly. To arrange your layout, still in your dashboard, click on layout. Move them to top or bottom or to side bars. You can only move widgets on using laptop or desktop devices.


It usually seem difficult to edit blogger template. But in this article, I have explained what a template is, how to install blogger template, things to edit and how to edit blogger template properly without incurring any hardship.

As a newbie on blogspot, this article will definitely be helpful to you. To make blogspot easier for you, download my blog eBook here.

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