How To Use “Google Question Hub” To Generate Traffic To Your Blog

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Have you heard about Google Question Hub?

If you have not, this descriptive article will give you simply what you need to know about Google Question Hub.

What’s Google Question Hub about?

This question hub is a place provided by Google for Bloggers and webmasters to get and have access to new questions people search for on Google but most people have not written on or provided an exact answer for. i.e New questions on Google with few blog posts to answer them.

How will bloggers benefit from this Question Hub?

The major thing every bloggers yearn for is to make lots of money from their blogs but that can’t be possible without reasonable amount of daily traffic to the blog. Using Google Question hub can help solve your traffic. And then, more traffic means more revenue for you.

This question hub works just like a keyword research tool. One of the shortcomings is that, it doesn’t give the details other keyword research tools give.

How can bloggers use Question hub by Google?

  1. To use this question as a blogger or writer, log on to Question Hub and sign up using your gmail account.
  2. When you are done signing up, sign in to start using it.
  3. Select the sites you already added to Google Search console or add new sites
  4. Pick categories of topics your blog is about and add questions that are asked from each categories alphabetically.Google question hub
  5. Once you select from a particular category you want, then select to add the topics. After adding, click on done at the top-right-hand-corner.questionhub usage
  6. Then, view the topics you added and check the ones you can write on to give better answers than all other blog posts on it. Click here to see how to rank music blogs on Google
  7. Click on the Answer when you hover on the topic and paste the link to your blog post that answers that question and submit.
  8. Wait for Google approval.


NOTE: This tool is still in Beta state. Meaning, they are still testing it to see how helpful it will be for bloggers and writes.


This question hub by Google is a way you and any other bloggers can get free hot keywords to write on for their blogs. All you have to do is sign up and start using it. If your article is inline with Google policy, it will surely be approved. Go now and start using the hub. Learn more here

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  1. It has not been launched yet in Italy

    1. Yes, it has not been globally launched. Presently, it is still in Beta mode.

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