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3 Important Fundamental Areas Of Blogging



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Are you a newbie blogger? Oh! You’ve been into blogging for some months, Good. As someone who just started out blogging or about to start, there are some important fundamental areas of blogging you must know to be a successful blogger.


Blogging is like other business you can not just dabble into them without learning the fundamental areas.

Don’t chase SUCCESS, chase EXCELLENCE instead. When you do, SUCCESS will chase you eventually.

When I started out as a blogger, I lacked some useful info which had some negative impacts on my blogs then. But as time went by, I knew more and more about it. I later realised, mistakes are here to make us stronger and wiser. Don’t be discouraged when things go as unplanned.


Important Fundamental Areas Of Blogging

Highlighted below are the important fundamental areas of blogging every bloggers must know as they go further into blogging.

Important fundamental areas of blogging

Blog Design, Appearance, Niche And Contents

This is the first vital areas of blogging you must know as it has huge impact on your blog.

a). Blog Design

How do you design your blog? Is it navigable? Mobile-friendly? When you start your blog, the first thing you will do is design it, either by yourself or you hire someone to do it for you based on your description of the blog.


When you are designing your blog, put your audience in mind. Make it navigable such that your visitors can easily move from one page to another without any difficulty. A blog that lacks good design, either with a paid or free themes will experience a huge loss of visitors.


As statistics have it, larger percentage of blogging visitors do so via their mobile devices. For example this blogs generates 70% of its visits from mobile phones.


Imagine if its not easy to view with mobile phone. I would have lost 70% of my visitors. If you are on blogspot or WordPress, there is a way you can activate the mobile views of your theme and templates if they are not automatically mobile friendly.


Domain: Discard the idea of starting your blog on free subdomains ( Start it with a custom domain right from day one. It is beneficial. See some of the reasons you should have custom domain here


Remember, to submit your blog to Google search console, Bing, and Yandex for index.


Stand Alone Pages: There are important pages you should have on your blog such as About, Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Advertise with us pages. Learn more here


b). Blog Appearance

The main thing you should focus on here is to use colors, background and images that are inviting. Naturally, your theme or template has set of colors you can choose from ranging from header to footer sections. If your theme doesn’t have, you can easily style using CSS codes. If you will use background image, make sure it won’t have negative effects on your blog contents. Using a background image or color that matches your text fonts color is not advisable. I do run from such blogs no matter how good the contents because I find them boring and hard to read.


c). Your Blog Niche

This is a popular topic in blogging. Niche is the area you want to blog on. Your topic of choice that you want to eventually be an authority on. Learn how to choose your blog niche successfully here.


When you continue with your blog contents, make sure you don’t go off topic. If you do, it will not only confuse your visitors but also confuse AdSense on your blog by showing irrelevant ads to your visitors.


d). Blog Contents

Have you heard, contents are kings? Your contents is the reason your visitors come to your blog. If you want to be original, start with your contents. If you don’t have the time to write them, pay for it and also accept guest post. Good content is one of the criteria for google AdSense approval.


My little advice is, be consistent with your blog posting…choose particular days of the week or time and stick to it.

Important fundamental areas of blogging

Generating traffic to your blog

One of the most important fundamental areas of blogging, if not the most vital, is generating traffic to your blog. If no one sees or reads your blog post, its useless.


After you have designed your blog and have contents in place, the next thing is to generate traffic. If you miss the first step above, this area will be difficult.


There are some ways to generate traffic to your blog. Some of which I have written on. Click here to read. I also use 80/20 principle with my blogging career. To simplify this principle, I share more and write less.


Ways to generate traffic are;

° Social media: Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and timelines, twitter, Google+, Reddit, etc.


° Forums relevant to your blog contents


° Paid adverts on other blogs


° Words of mouth. This is by telling people about your blog. What is not shown is not known.


Now that you have learnt two of the important areas of blogging, the next is monetization of your blog. If you missed the other two, making money will be way too difficult.

Important fundamental areas of blogging

Monetizing your blog

Making money with blog is the main reason, the most important area of blogging. From lots of questions I have been asked by those who wanted to start a blog, “how do I make money” is the most common. If you start your blogging career with making money, you won’t last long. Because, making money with blog is not as easy as it is portrayed.🤔


There are lots of articles, books on how you can monetize your blog. Some of the ways you can make money out of your blog are;

a). Google AdSense

This is the most popular way in which blogger/publishers monetize their contents . This doesn’t happen overnight. You have to put in some works before you can rely on it. Applying for Google AdSense is not something difficult. If you have not be approved for AdSense, read how to apply like a pro here.🏃


Remember, the higher your traffic, the higher your chance of making money with AdSense.

b). Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you display the products of a particular company you are affiliated with on your blog with your designated affiliate code. Once your visitors buy the product via your blog, you get paid a certain percentage of the money paid for that product.


Some of the companies you can affiliate with are; Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Ajebo Market, Bluehost. You just have to put up the products that are related to your blog contents.


c). Selling Ad space

You can make money by charging businesses or other blogs to advertise their products on your blog. All you have to do is create a “Advertise with us” page. You can either set the price or have your visitors contact you for that.


cii). Sponsored post

If you have lots of traffic, you can sponsor other publisher’s post on your blog and charge them for it.


d). Selling your products

If you have personal products either digital or physical products, you can sell it on your blog and get paid even without having to contact the buyer directly. You can make use of Paypal, Paystack or other services on your blog to get paid directly into your local bank account.

👉Learn how to use Paystack on Blogspot

Bonus tip: Staying motivated when things move slowly


Sometimes you may feel like giving up your blog. Some of the reasons may be insufficient traffic, inability to make so much money and so on. Remember, it doesn’t happen in a day.


To keep yourself going, you should know your purposes for blogging. What do you want to achieve with your blog? How long will it take you? What seminars must you attend? And so on.

If you don’t have a clear picture of where you want to take your blog, every niche will be appealing to you.

If you are going to do something for the rest of your life, don’t just stop at the fourth month.


I just summarized the 3 important fundamental areas of blogging you must know before you can be successful in the long run. If you miss an area, the other two will be a bit difficult.


First take care of your blog design, appearance, contents. Then work on your traffic and have your seo guides in mind. You can then be sure to make money easily with it.


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I am Obembe Sunday Dapo. A Registered Nurse, Writer, Blogger & Blog designer. Am simply an internet addict. I love sharing information with people. "The more you teach, the more you learn." I own AssistBlogger. Learn more about me HERE👈You are welcome! Don't forget to like my page.👍

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Blog Advice

Common Domain Name Mistakes Made By Bloggers



When you start your blog/website, you will need a custom domain. With a custom domain, you will be seen as a blogger or online business owner who takes the blogging serious. Even with this, there are some common domain name mistakes some of us bloggers have made or are making presently.


In this article, I will be sharing with you what domain is, how to choose and buy a domain name and domain name mistakes I and others have made.

What is domain name?

Domain name is your personal web address on the internet that you will be globally recognized by. It represents your blog, brand or business. E.g, etc.

How to choose a domain name

When starting your blog, [read how to start a blog here] you will need a custom domain name. But the issue is, how do you choose and buy your domain name?

In choosing your domain name, there are some things you should consider. Viz;

1). Research your domain before registering it

Before you just go ahead to choose a domain name, perform keyword research on it. Findings revealed that a domain that says everything about your niche perform better in SEO than domain that’s not. If you want o use your name or nickname, search it first on google to see if its been used for a similar niche or not. I made this mistake then.

2). Buy from a reliable domain registrar

When buying your domain name from any registrar, look out for the ICANN and Whoisguard policy. Are they free and included? Whoisguard privacy protects your info on the internet. Namecheap offers free Whoisguard privacy for life.

3). Take note of the renewal fee

Normally we are tempted to pay for the first year alone. Domain can be sold for you at £.9 but what about the renewal fee? Will it be that amount? Will you be able to afford? Consider this also

4). Don’t use punctuations in between domain name

One major mistake you can make is having hypen (-) in between your domain name as in Remember, if your visitors typed it without the hypen, it won’t give them their expected result.

5). Do not use difficult-to-pronounce and too long address or name.

Make sure your domain name is as short as possible. Having a too long name may be discouraging to your audience.
Apart from making it short, make it a name that is easy to pronounce. Using a name difficult to pronounce is out of it. As at the time of writing thus post, am unable to remember a domain name of a blog I came across months back. You know why? I can’t spell the name let alone pronounce it.

How To Buy A Domain Name

To buy your domain name after you might have considered some vital points, as I have pinpointed above, you will need your;

1). Email: Either Yahoo or Gmail
2). MasterCard or Visa card details or Paypal account. 
3). Home/Office address
Then, proceed to Namecheap choose and buy your domain name.
Common domain name mistakes

Common Domain name mistakes made by bloggers

From when I started my blogging journey till this moment, I have made some mistakes, especially with domain name and I have seen other bloggers make some.

Sometimes, what we don’t know, we don’t just know it.

Some of the common mistakes are;

1). Relying on free domains

I recently wrote on the benefits of custom domains on your blog. You may want to read here. Sitting on free domains e.g or is not the best way to go.
Using free domains make people look at you as someone who is not serious about the blog and may not want to partner or advertise with you. Apart from this, if google or WordPress mistakenly delete your blog, you have lost all your articles.
When I started, I thought it was cool to have free domains, but Alas, it wasn’t.
Thinking about starting your blog, start with a custom domain.

2). Buying non .com extensions because they are cheap e.g .tk, .us, .online, .website, etc.

I made this mistake last year and have seen some of my friends do the same. If you are creating a blog for an organization, it is cool to use .org. The best extension you can use is .com. You know why? Because that is what people are used to!
You can even prevent others from buying them by buying and redirecting them to a single domain (if you have the means).
Bloggers to go for .us, .tk, .online because they are cheap and because a company is using the .com version of the domain. If the .com version of your domain is taken, rack your brain for a new one. Don’t forget is different from

The unfortunate thing sometimes is hoping to buy the .com extension later and find out that it has been taken! Like one of my friend did. He had to buy a different domain.

When you extend your domain to your country alone e.g .in, .uk, .ng etc, only people from your country will see your blog on search engine when you start ranking.

About and
Another mistake is buying this kind of domain because you see other popular blogs using it. Not knowing that they have the .com extension redirected to the
If you are using (the ng stands for Nigeria), check the .com version of your domain and see. Another person may decide to buy the .com version and start competing with you if it happens to be the same niche as you.
Remember, is different from or or You get what I mean? Good!

3). Paying for a year and hoping to renew in the subsequent years

Another mistake I made was paying for one year when I could have paid for 2-3years. A .com domain usually cost $10.98 on domain in the first year. Buying for two years will be roughly $22. Now that I have bought for just a year, renewal is $22 alone! Which could have covered the cost of two year’s domain.
When buying your domain name, have the renewal fee at the back of your mind.

4). Buying domain name very similar to competitor’s name

Just this year I saw this. Someone bought a domain And I wondered how he would rank by competing with
Before you jump at your domain, check out who your competitors are and the niches they are in.

5). Changing domain name often

The older your domain name, the higher your domain authority (if you do it right). Changing your domain name will do more arm than good. Assuming your DA is 30 before you change domain. You will have to start from zero again. Not only that, you will have to update your details on social media and even with your visitors.
I made this mistake, don’t make such. They are costly.


In this post I have tried to highlighted what domain name is, how to choose a domain and the common domain name mistakes made by blogger.
Your domain says a lot about your blog. Reduce the mistakes to minimal.
What other domain name mistakes do you think do you think bloggers make? Feel free to share with me.
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