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Hi there. I'm Dapo Obembe (aka SirPhren). I'm an RN who knows Website Designing, Blogging, Cryptocurrency Trading and Google certified Digital Marketer. Doing a degree in Computer Science and I'm the founder of this Academy. In here, I share proven Blogging tips (Blogspot, WordPress) and how to make money online. Connect with me on WHATSAPP | TWITTER


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  1. Thanks for this information

  2. They don’t pay for reading articles?

    1. they do
      make sure the articles you read are on the dashboard, those are ones that have been approved
      once you comment you earn and to earn for reading the news click on click to earn and it’ll take you to another page immediately go back and refresh and you’ll be paid.

  3. When is the withdrawal for non referral

  4. Hello good afternoon pls I have made comments since yesterday and am yet to be credited with the 4 naira for each comment
    I and my referral are having the same issue

    1. Sorry about that.

      I suggest you lodge complaint on the site or its forum. It may actually be a technical issue.

      Let me know when it’s resolved.

  5. Ismail abdullateef

    Thanks for this information

  6. How much do they pay 4 reading any article?

  7. what are the steps to creating a post, and to making a sponsored video

    1. When your post or video is ready, login to your dashboard.

      There should be a place to upload article.

      Then, your article will be reviewed. If approved, you’ll see it published.

  8. Hello,please I just registered yesterday and have comments on at least 5 post and av not been credited with #4
    Please help out

    1. Hello Dabira.

      Did your comments follow their guidelines? Kindly check and let me know

  9. I’m so interested in this lpv

  10. Same here

  11. Pls try and create lpv app for we that uses iPhone the app only works on android plsss

    1. Kindly get in touch with the LPV admin am sure they will do something about it.

  12. This is very nice, but how can be sure of receiving payment for activity earnings cos a lot of this reading news site like this only pay for referral alone, they just be giving you fake promises. But I’d this can be honest enough to deliver, it will be very good

    1. They seem promising and has delivered

  13. Bros, I have something very important to discuss with you, can you give me your WhatsApp line? My WhatsApp line is [number hidden]. I want to have a chat with you. Thank you

    1. I will chat you up brother.

      1. Oladapo Oluwaseyi

        Please I Need Your Help Chat Me Up On WhatsApp
        Both Line Please [Numbers Hidden]

  14. Please… Do lpv pay without refferal?

    1. Yes, they do. You can register here

  15. Greetings brother.
    Please, what do you mean by nonaffiliate and affiliate?

    1. Affiliate i mean, earnings from referrals.

      Nonaffiliate I mean earnings from activities on the site like reading news, commenting, sharing posts etc.

      I can put you through if you want to join the program

  16. God bless lvp forum

  17. More wins

  18. Best online business

  19. What happening to their site since two days, u can’t comment neither would it load and give u ur money. It not funny anymore and I just registered. What this nah?

    1. They are currently upgrading their server. Kindly exercise patience

  20. Thanks.

    I want to join…

    What do I need to Know about it before starting.

  21. Please what happen I can’t share sponsored post

    1. It may be a network hitch. Try it again later

  22. I can’t see click here to share on my spornsord post for two times admin pls help me because they said if I don’t share up to 80percent they will not pay me and I have been sharing the post since I registered

    1. I understand your pain brother.

      But will like to ask; Did you follow the guides to share sponsor posts?

  23. How can I register. I’m interested

    1. Kindly click on the Register button in the article or contact me on WhatsApp

  24. Please i want to chat with you on WhatsApp, please can you chat me up or you can send your number.. Thanks

    1. Kindly chat me up on WhatsApp here: 08151244131

  25. Pls what’s the meaning of lars

    1. Earnings from activities on the forum

  26. Pls u can’t comment again every post has reach maximum limit within 3 minutes I don’t know what is wrong with my account

  27. Thanks for this review ..
    A friend had introduced me to lpv
    But am already making money from Newsnaira
    You can join.

  28. Been commenting but no mine is entering…and i have also been following the procedures what is wrong with them

  29. Do lpv has maximum pay out for reaching news for a month.And how many news are posted daily

    1. The maximum you can get daily apart from referral is N500 on premium plan and 700 on Gold plan

  30. how much do they pay for reading article

    1. Kindly read the article again

  31. I have added my Facebook link to the account, read many posts, commented and even shared them to Facebook but am not earning. I don’t know what could be the problem.

  32. Please can I directed chat with you on WhatsApp, I need a website and more over I want to discuss more things with you about business.. You can contact me on [Number Hidden], also my WhatsApp number. Thanks hoping to hear from you

    1. Sure. I will get in touch ASAP

  33. What ii the meaning of btc to wallet in my bank update

    1. It means you can transfer from bitcoin to wallet you can withdraw from your local bank account

  34. Please how can I make a post on the platform to earn ..I can read people’s post buh I don’t know how to create one

    1. Login to your dashboard. Click on affiliate >> referral. You will see a link to make the post.

  35. Pls am having an issue…i have added my facebook link to my lpv platform but anytime i share a post on my facebook page i dont get paid..y?

    1. Did you make your Facebook timeline public? Check and make sure you do so

  36. Pls can I create a Post on lpvforum. I am a premium member nd av never been paid for commenting on post , no matter how many times I comment.

  37. Pls am a new person i dnt understand that username and email address on the form

    1. That’s funny. Username is the display name you want to use, like your nickname.

      Email is the email address lpv can contact you with.

      Am sure you have an email and nickname. If not, create them

  38. Hello dapo am a new member of lpv, so I want to earn fast only if u cab help me out, here is my username on facebook wf horlowaiszzy,, I really need someone to put me true

  39. Thanks for the post i was contemplating either to join before or not.

  40. I don’t get paid 4 reading news and d rest what’s wrong.hope it won’t crash or it’s fake

    1. LPV isn’t a fake platform and Giftalworld never crashed

  41. Does this lvp a legit one

    1. Yes, it is a legit program

  42. Pls I requested for my money and I have not been paid and no denial withdraw

    1. It is not yet time to withdraw, except it is referral bonus. Wait till 21st of May

  43. Since 21st of April

    1. Did you share the sponsored posts?

      Did you set your Facebook timeline to public?

      Is your bank details correct?

  44. I wish you can help sir

  45. hmmmm
    still thinking of doing this but this problem of not being paid is getting me scared ooo
    I have almost registered

    1. There is nothing to be scared about. You can chat me up for help.

  46. Hello, I joined yesterday and most of the posts I read doesn’t even have where I can earn. I also cannot find sponsored post to share. Pls, help me on how to start earning on this platform.

    1. There is a video guide on how to share sponsored post and read news to earn in this article. Kindly read again.

  47. Nice update lpv thanks for your loving information. Lpv is the best key platforms CEO and admins shall be great.
    But we need to login to Lpv account. Thanks

    1. I hope you saw the notification on the site. It will be open soon

  48. Hey Dapo, thank you for the information. I’m a new member and I’ve been looking for someone to put me through. But this information is good enough. Thank you once again

  49. You said daily login is N50 is it naira and you said premium members earn N500 daily is it 500 naira

  50. I don’t understand I have being comment for the past three day but my money is not increasing

  51. please is this forum still active?

    I would like to apply.

    your response will be appreciated.


    1. KINDLY, check out their website for proper confirmation.

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