(Pdf) My Blog Companion: Starting Self Hosted Blog The Right Way (Buy Now!)

MY BLOG COMPANION – STARTING SELF HOSTED BLOG THE RIGHT WAY is written by Obembe Sunday Dapo (aka SirPhren). I am a Web/Blog designer and blogger at Assist Blogger Academy & Dapo Obembe’s Blog.

I have the knowledge of WordPress and Blogspot to help you with the best of websites or blog for your business or passion.

This book costs N5000 but I will give it out for you for just N3000. Act now before i change my mind.

About the book

The passion to share useful information with people, as far as blogging is concerned, gave birth to this book. This book (MY BLOG COMPANION – STARTING SELF HOSTED BLOG THE RIGHT WAY) is a step by step guide to starting and mastering on your own. If you are thinking of owning a blog soon on WordPress, this is the book for you.

“Don’t waste your time starting your blog journey on trial and error. Start it by having the best and right blogging knowledge and ideas. So that in the next three months, you will not have to forget about blogging and say, it’s hard.” – SirPhren

Starting a blog is not hard. But, it could be if you do not know the best way to start and run a blog successfully. You need someone who has done what you are about to do to make your success faster.

I have spent exactly three years (as at the time of writing this book) in blogging and I know some things that work and things that didn’t work and isn’t working. This is my personal experience and I will share with you the mistakes I made so you won’t make them.

Starting Self Hosted Blog On WordPress

You can’t successfully own and run a blog without you having at least, the basic knowledge of SEO, Keyword research, Ranking, affiliate marketing, Advertising and more. Without these knowledge, you may end up abandoning your blog in no time. Trust me, I have been there. That is why I write this book to be your blog companion.

This book will be accompanied by my one-on-one tutorial and SEO ebooks I found indispensable. And as a premium user of this book, you get my full attention, anytime, any day and you will automatically join my “Blogging Class With SirPhren WhatsApp Groups”

My Blog Companion

The reason you should buy My Blog Companion – starting self hosted blog the right way

One good mentor that knows the way is better than hundreds of YouTube videos and eBooks combined.

You can decide to surf the internet for free resources. But do not be deceived, most of them will not have the time to coach you one-on-one to share their experience and guide you. After reading an eBook or watching a video, you still need to tap from experiences. Experience is the best teacher. That’s what you will get!

When you buy this book from, I will personally take my time to coach you till am sure you can stand on your own with no extra fee.

What you will get free when you buy My Blog Companion

1. Free SEO books

2. Free premium theme

3. Free design on your blog

4. Free access to my WhatsApp group for premium members

How to buy My Blog Companion – Starting Self Hosted Blog The Right Way

This book costs just N3000 ($8.5) for now instead of N5000 ($14). To pay for this book, you can either use PayPal (sirphrentheblogger@gmail.com is my PayPal email) or transfer your money to this account:

0160506003, GTB, Obembe Sunday D.

When you pay,

NOTE: If you do not buy this book from me or from my designated sellers, you won’t enjoy the bonuses.


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