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Hi there. I'm Dapo Obembe (aka SirPhren). I'm an RN who knows Website Designing, Blogging, Cryptocurrency Trading and Google certified Digital Marketer. Doing a degree in Computer Science and I'm the founder of this Academy. In here, I share proven Blogging tips (Blogspot, WordPress) and how to make money online. Connect with me on WHATSAPP | TWITTER


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  1. Ur blogger is a scam

    1. I’m sure ya talking about Naijaloan.

      This review of Naijaloan is to sound a note of warning to the fans of this blog.

  2. Olasehinde damilare Ebenezer

    I want to be a pertaker

    1. You do so at your own risk.

      1. Great Message my brother, I also signup into the Platform to Monitor it myself I need a first hand information myself I don`t want to hear it from people, though singing into the system was to keep tack of all members and also to see if a particular account number will keep popping up. Of a true what you said is beginning to make sense to me. The platform is really not something one should rely on. My Major concern is this people has made more than 50Million Naira to themself without stress.

        1. Shagbaor fanen Godwin

          I was blocked on this platform and I want to make payment now

          1. I don’t think you were blocked. It seems the site is having issues

        2. Oga you guys don’t know what you are saying… I’ve been doing it for about 3-4weeks now and I’ve never had issues, its pays well… Don’t poison the heart of people cox u don’t want to do it… Mtchhew!!

        3. NaijaLoan victim who will always wish y'all ass on fire

          This website is bullshit didn’t notify getting five down lines for 5k until the next I was waiting for alert then went to the withdraw button, redirected me to getting five downlines omg wtf. This is another scam, screw everyone behind the website

      2. Am a member, in level 4 and I have made money from this, don’t care what anybody say about this platform, naijaloan is never a scam…

        1. When was the last time you cashed out? I’ve been stucked on level 3 for over 4 days now without been paired

  3. Oga Naijaloan is no Scam, people are cashing out as supposed,, though nobody should rely on it. The programs you advertise such as giftal world, they are the same and can’t be relied on. So if you don’t know about naijaloan, make good enquiry, no online money making platform is reliable,, simple join when e dey hot!

  4. I contributed yesterday and I requested for my alert only for the person I paid money to having to tell me that my alert has nothing to do with him..I should complain to the admin….abeg ooo how do I contact the admin or whatever….1k is alot of money to give out in this tough season

  5. I just registered last week…I was told that if I refer one person that I will get paid now I refferd one person I was only paid 1k out of my 5k now they are saying that I need to refer extra 4 people for a my money to be paid i.e when ever I refer 1 person I’ll be paid 1k this just pure scam Ponzi scheme I have just wasted my resources there

    1. It is clearly stated out in this review. But people are too quick to act when it comes to money.

  6. All made clear but, i think in business you must take a risk to gain the risk.
    Since the money is regulated just around members its cool because procedures are low than taking a loan from the bank or any microfinance bank.

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