Online Courses You Can Take For Free [As A Nigerian]

Hello lovely, how are you today? Some months ago I was searching and asking for online courses I can take for free being a student who didn’t have much in the bank and was ready to know. Then I came across some.



If you critically take a look at our present economy, you will see that it is suicidal to have only one source of income.

In this article, am going to show you some online courses you can take for free which will surely give you something to rest on if you are serious with anyone you choose.

I have had the privilege to talk to a self-taught web designer, who learnt larger percentage of the skills online and its paying her till date. You too can do better!

Not only that, I will also share with you some useful skills you can learn on and offline with little amount of money that you may eventually turn to side hustle.


What Are Online Courses?

Online courses are the courses you take by signing up on the website of either a universities, colleges or an organizations that find pleasure in helping people learn new skills or upgrade their fundamental skills.

In this case, you don’t have to go to the university all you need to do is visit their website, register and commit yourself to the course(s). You can learn anytime, and anywhere.

What Are The Tools I Need For Online Courses?

For convenience and faster learning, the things you need are;
1). Good internet connection
2). Good laptop or phone tablet (which are wider enough for reading)
3). Commitment

Online Courses You Can Take For Free 

Some of the useful free online courses are compiled by me via research. They are;
° Communication Skills
° Professional Writing
° Introduction to Psychology ( If you are a Registered Psychiatric Nurse or someone planning to major in Psychology, you will find this course indispensable)
° Web Design (How to code with HTML, CSS and the likes)
° Public Speaking For Sales
° SEO (Search Engine Optimization) This is a must to know for every blogger or website owner
° Graphics Design
° Photography and Drawing
° Business Communication
° Introduction to Computer Science
° Economics
° HTML and CSS for beginners (With this course, you can successfully manage your blogspot blogs as it requires you to know at least basic coding skill, if you don’t want to hire someone for it)

° Digital Marketing

° How to start a blog [Blogging is a way of putting your voice and what you believe in online for people to explore. It can also be your medium of teaching people skills you find helpful]. Contact me for more info.

Hot Cake Skills That Are Indispensable In This Century

As you know we are in computer age, there are some skills that can pay you the bills if you are serious about learning them. Some of these skills are paid (not that expensive) and some are free.
They are;
1). Graphics Design: There’s no business, whether online or offline that doesn’t need the services of a graphics designer. The least you can get paid for a design is 3k
2). Web Designer: In the decades to come, almost all businesses will be live on the internet. How can they can be? Billions are using the internet daily and if you want to stay in business, you have got to be ahead your competitors. If you can make out time, decide and learn this skill, you will thank later. Lol.
If you want to know how to create a blog or a website with WordPress, kindly reach out to me here.
3). SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a skill every blogger or business owner long for. With this skill, you can set up an entire website/blog or blog post and make it easy for people to quickly find it on Google and other search engine. You can learn this skill and others have mentioned for a token of $10 on udemy Academy and you will be certified.
4). Technical writing skill: Technical writers are the “how to” authors. They write manuals on how to operate a particular machine and even how to do some things. In a matter of hours, you would have already known what you need to be a technical writer which will surely pay off.
To learn any of the aforementioned skills or courses and more, visit Saylor Academy or Udemy or coursera to pick the skill of your choice and make the decision to master it. If you are committed, you will be glad you did in the next few months.

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