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This book, blogging made easy on Blogspot was written by Obembe Sunday Dapo (SirPhren) out of the passion to help others who are thinking of blogging on their passion or business and those who have started but do not know much about how to make their blog on Blogspot look good and navigable for their visitors.
“You will do well when you have a mentor and guide than when you dabble into it with no guide.”
The book costs N4000 ($12) but am giving it out presently for just N2000 ($6). Act now before I change my mind.

This blogging eBook provides a step by step guide to starting and mastering your blog on Blogspot. There is also diagrammatic representation of every steps. If you are thinking of starting your own blog, this book is for you.

Blogging Made Easy On Blogspot Blogger
Price: N2000 ($6) instead of N4000 ($12)
I have heard people saying they want to start a blog but do not how to start because they do not have coding skills. If you are one, chill! You can do it without any skill in coding.
Let me shock you, when I started, I didn’t have any coding skill. You are about to buy the exact book you need to start with.

I have been handling blogspot blogs since 2016 and I know stuffs about it.

Why Do You Need This Blogging Made Easy On Blogspot?

Do you have the passion, obsession to share information, thoughts, or your opinions with people online? Are passionate about having a platform where people can learn with and from you? Do you have a business you want to give online presence? This book is for you!
If you want to know how am able to rank blogspot blog on first page (before I sell it)(memonaija.com), you are able to know once you buy this book.

What You Should Expect from Blogging Made Easy On Blogspot

• Introduction to blogging
• How to set up your blog and make changes
• How to understand your Blogger dashboard

• How to do blogspot seo set up
• How to set up mobile view of your blog (if your template is not mobile friendly)
How to choose your blog niche
• How to write seo-friendly articles
• How to drive traffic to your blog

• How to rank blogspot blogs
• How to monetize your blog

EBook of Blogging made easy for beginners

What you will get free when you buy this blogging made easy on blogspot

1. Free seo books

2. Free premium blogger template

3. Free design on your blog

4. Free access to my WhatsApp group for premium members

5. How to rank blogspot blogs eBook

6. Tips on how to increase your blogger blog DA



PRICE: N2000 ($6) instead of N4000 ($12).

How to pay for and get this book

1). Pay into my bank account

Account Name: Obembe Sunday D.

Bank Name: GTB


2). You can also pay using PayPal

Email is: Sirphrentheblogger@gmail.com


Once you pay,

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