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Registering a custom domain name is paramount to every businesses that wants to secure a home on the internet. On this reason, Assist Blogger Academy offers you one of the bests Domain Name Registrar and how to register a domain name.

Register domain name

What’s a domain name?

In the simplest of term, a domain name is your address on the web. It is what a visitor type in his/her browser to get to your website or blog. E.g, etc.

What of domain extension?

Domain extensions are the other dimensions of a custom domain name. Meaning, two different website owners can have a almost similar domain name in two different countries, although not advisable.

Example of domain extensions are; .com, .org, .net, .ng,,, etc

Before choosing your domain name

  • Make sure it is as short as possible
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Avoid hyphen
  • Avoid country-specific extension if the .com, .org is taken

How to register domain name online

To register your domain name, use the tool below. Just type in your preferred name which may either end in .com or .anything you want. Then click on search.

Find your preferred domain starting at $0.88 and secure it.

powered by Namecheap

Why Namecheap is our best domain name registrar

Namecheap is our preferred domain registrar because of;

  • Support
  • Free WhoisGuard for life
  • Cheap and reliable
  • They are guru in the company

Why you need a custom domain name

You may be wondering why you need a custom domain name, after all you can get free blogspot domain. There are lots of reasons you need to have your own web address. They are;

  1. It makes you stand out amongst competition
  2. On the part of your DA and ranking, the earlier the better.
  3. Gives more reliability to your business

Read more about why you need a custom domain name here.
How to register domain name in Nigeria

Do you want to register your domain name with a Nigerian domain registrar so that you can pay in Naira? Check out my top two go-to domain registrars in Nigeria.

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