Sell Or Buy Websites At A Cheap Rate

Welcome to Assist Blogger Academy’s Selling and Buying of Website or Blog page. This is page where you can sell or buy websites that are ready-mades.

Should I buy website or start from scratch?

Many people are confused as regard this. Yes you should buy a readymade website/blog (that are professionally designed) if you do not know your way around website or blog design and if you don’t want to start from beginning.

What to look for in a website or blog before buying it

Don’t just jump to buying just any website. Look out for some important things on it. No one likes to waste money. The things are;

  • SEO: Is the website or blog designed with search engine optimization in mind? Check the seo score if you are doubting it.
  • Traffic: Check the overall page views and daily views
  • Niche: Is the website on niches you are interested in?
  • Banned on Facebook: You will see that some websites or blogs have been blocked from Facebook. Check this by sharing the URL on Facebook and see what you get
  • Domain & Its Expiration: What version of domain do you want? Also check or ask the seller when it will expire
  • Monetization: If its a blog, you should know how the blog is being monetized. If with AdSense, make sure it has not been banned by Google AdSense.

How to put my website for sale on Assist Blogger Academy

To put your website or blog for sale on this platform, we need you to fill out some important information and make sure they are real. They are;

  • Name of the website/blog
  • Name of owner
  • Description of the blog/website (What it is about)
  • Niche of the website or blog
  • Monetization (give any means of monetization)
  • Traffic including the organic searches from your Google search console (with screenshot)
  • Reason for selling it
  • How much you want to sell it
  • Contact details

Send these to us via the contact form below:-



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