At Assist Blogger Academy, we help Businesses, Organizations create websites and of course, we create blogs for personal uses. See our services below and the prices for each of them.

Website Design

We will design a responsive and mobile-friendly website for your business, organization, Church, Mosque, NGO etc We also create eCommerce website for your online shop.

NOTE: You will be required to renew you domain and host yearly.


Website Design Prices and features

  • N30,000: 20GB disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, .com domain, Free theme + 3 months support
  • N50,000: 20GB disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, .com domain, Premium theme + 3 months support
  • N75,000: eCommerce website including .com domain, Premium theme, + 3 months support
  • N80,000 – N100,000: Online academy

NAMECHEAP is the web hosting of our choice.

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Blog Design

We will design one of the bests blogsite for you to make your passion known to the world on any platforms (WordPress or Blogspot) of your choice.

  • N20,000: Self-hosted blog that includes .com domain, 20GB disk space, free wordpress theme, can use three domains + 2 months support. If you desire more functionalities on your blog, it will be added subsequently.

Self-hosted blog with premium theme depends on the sample of theme you chose.

  • N10,000: Professional Blogspot design which includes: Premium template, .com domain, and 2 months support.

Bloggers Academy

At Assist Blogger Academy, we will teach you; How to design website without the knowledge of coding, how to design blogspot blog professionally, how to make money online with your skill and any other thing (website or blog related questions) you may want to learn.

Price of blogger academy

N5,000: How to design a blog properly. It includes: Free eBooks, 5 days long + free design on your first blog.

To opt-in for our academy, contact us right away!

Website Management

Do you have a website for your business and too busy to manage it? Do you know that, you should manage your business website well to have optimum result from it? Yes. you will. Call us to help you manage your website. Our prices are cheap.

If the services you want are not included here, still get in touch with us. We are always available to assist you.

What our support includes

  1. Maintenance: We will maintain it for you
  2. Tutorial on how to run the website or blog
  3. How to make money with your blog

For quotation and negotiation, fill the form below and we shall get back to you right away or CLICK HERE TO CHAT WITH US on WhatsApp.





We are waiting for you!

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