7 Reasons You May Not Be A Successful Blogger


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We all want to be a successful blogger. Everyone wants to succeed in whatever they involve in. That is sure! I have seen some blogs that were constantly updated and the admin suddenly stopped. What could have caused it?

Blogging is more than just what most people think it is.  Blogging is a platform we do three things. Viz: Share information, entertain and teach.

Previously, blogging used to be a process where people share their day to day activities, though some still do it, but at present, people are now conveniently doing their businesses on their blogs.

Success in blogging means different things to different people. To some, it may be money, large number of readership, impacts and so on. But whatever your definition of success is as a blogger, have it in mind that success is not easy to come by.

No one is perfect and no one will ever be. If you are into blogging or planning to do so, these are some of the reasons you may not be successful.

7 Reasons You May Not Be A Successful Blogger and What To Do

1). You lacked information before starting

Whatever you want to venture into, it is of utmost importance to know some things about it. Before you go into blogging, take your time to learn from those who have been doing it and learn from their mistakes so that you won’t make the same mistakes.

Surround yourself with people who know enough to teach you and read more about blogging. IF you don’t have, read about it.

Blogging is not something you do and make money the same month you start. If you don’t equip yourself with enough information before you start, your chance of being a success is slim.


“Learn first and earn later.”


2). You start because of money

We all love money! Who wouldn’t? Blogging is not a thing you start because of money. If you do, you wouldn’t be able to do it for long, you may be discouraged because you won’t make the money easily as you thought you would. Look beyond the assumption of people around you.

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Don’t start today and hope to be like Lindaikeji or Shoutmeloud  tomorrow. It takes time. If you stop blogging because AdSense terminate your account, you shouldn’t have tried it at all.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, start it because you love to share stuffs with people. I bet it with you, over time, you will get the reward.

Reasons you may not be a successful blogger

3). You don’t have the passion

You must be passionate about your blogging career. It is your passion that will keep you going. You must be able to wake up in the morning and work on something you are passionate about. If you lack the passion to keep your readers updated, you are not likely to do it for long and you won’t be successful. If you don’t love what you do, it’s not right for you.

“Universe will not pay you for being a good writer, editor, designer, blogger etc. Universe will pay you for being consistently good in whatever niche or field you choose.” – SirPhren


4). You don’t have purpose for your blog

What is your aim of starting the blog in the first place? If you don’t want to give up four months after you started blogging, you must be purposefully engaged in your blogging career.

Your purpose(s) is(are) the goal(s) you have for your blog. Either to make positive impact, make money, or make a name for yourself. Make sure you blog serves its purpose.

5). You don’t update yourself

To be a force to reckon with in whatever niche you blog on, you need to constantly update yourself. You must be able to know little things about everything. For instance, if you blog on technology, you are expected to be vast in that area so as to give your readers the best. If it is otherwise, your readers may lose interest. When you are outdated, your chance of abandoning it is high.

EXCEPT you want to continue copy and paste which you may penalised for.

Make sure you keep yourself updated. The more you know, the more and better you write.

6). You don’t want to spend money on your blog

Have seen a lot of bloggers who only want everything free. It is not all about freemium (Kennedy Prosper said). They need people to write good contents for them, they want it free.

When you are not ready to spend on your project, you won’t enjoy it to the fullest, and your chance of abandoning it is high, extremely high. When you spend on your blog, you will be forced to keep working on it because you wouldn’t want your money go into waste.

See your blog as your business that you must invest in to get the result later on. If you call it your passion, you must be able to spend at least certain amount on it.

7).You Don’t Read About Successful Bloggers

Take your time to know about those successful bloggers in your niche. What keeps them going? Read their blogs and learn from their mistakes. Know what makes the GREATs great.

Don’t ever think you don’t need to read other people’s blog, those in the same niche with you or not. You have to keep reading! Even with that, you can get new post ideas for your blog.

To be successful as a blogger, you must be able to do it for a very long period of time and be ready to dish out original contents to your readers. To keep pushing, you need to be determined and be passionate about.


If you are reading this as a blogger, or about-to-be blogger, my passion is to make sure you achieve the best out of your blog. Take the time to answer this question; What do I want to achieve with my blog? And let the answer keeps you going. Strive to be a successful blogger.

How have you been keeping up with your blog? What keeps you motivated? Feel free to share.


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