Things Needed To Start A Website

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Things Needed To Start A Website or Blog You Should Know Beforehand

Are you considering having a website for your business or a blog to voice your passion? There are some things needed to start a website you should have in place before consulting a web designer.

I did a web design job for a Nursing Agency some months back and it took longer than expected. You know why? Because I had to be telling the agency what and what I needed from them.

In this article, am going to enlighten you so that you know how you can be of help to your web designer in speeding up your work.

We will look at;

Differences between website and blog

There is no much distinction between the two but some people don’t know.

A blog is a type of small website or weblog as it was formerly called that is run by an individual or a small group to keep people updated by sharing contents on things they enjoy doing in a conversational style with a comment section for readers’ feedback. Blog entries are referred to as Blog posts.

Blog started from online diaries and journal as far back as 1994 when people share information about their personal lives, but things have changed, though we still have people doing it.

People use the term Website and Blog interchangeably. the only difference between them is that, blogs are regularly updated with new contents. Whereas, websites are statically organised in pages and not updated frequently.

Blog can also be part of a website. Especially business websites where they write about new products, promo and all. All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.

Can I start a blog? Yes you can! There are tons of successful blogs out there. To start you need;

  • Custom domain
  • Host


Cost Of Starting A Website/Blog

How much do you think this blog costs? Have you landed on a website or a blog and wondered how much it costs? Everything is based on budget. The cost of starting a website is not much. Because it is one of the things needed to start a website, it is vital you know the cost beforehand. When I talk of cost, I mean the things you will buy to make sure your website or blog is live. To have a website, your cost will be around;

: Namecheap Coupon Codes For Web host and Domain names

1). Custom domain:

Custom domain means the url your website can be accessed through. E.g, etc. This domain can be bought from reliable domain registrar. There are tons of them but, I use and recommend Namecheap.

The cost of domain depends on your Top Level Domain (TLD) extension. E.g .com(commercial websites), .org(organization), extension), .net(network),  .page(for your personal page). Remember that, .com is what people are accustomed with. use other extension IF YOU MUST.

Presently, .com cost $10/year. .org, .net is a bit costlier. But can be less with coupon code. See a detail guide on what domain mistake you should not make when you are buying your domain.

My Advice: When you want to buy a domain for your website, buy 2-3 years plan. You know why? If a year costs $11.16, two-year will cost $22.3 right? Good! If you buy for a year, renewal alone is $22.3. so instead of renewing, buy it in bulk and save your money.

Before you choose a name for your website, do these;

1). Google search for the name you have in mind (it might have been taken)

2). Check your domain availability on

3). Proceed to buy it before it is gone

Wondering why I prefer Namecheap to others? They offer free Whoisguard privacy for life, free SSL, awesome support and reliability.

2). Web Hosting:

Web hosting is provided by hosting registrar. What web hosting company provides the technologies and services needed for the website to be viewed in the computer called servers. When anyone wants to view your website, all he or she needs to do is type your web address in the browser.

Most web hosting company requires you buy your domain from them some may also offer free domain for the first year. Things to expect from your hosting provider are;

  • Security check

Types of web hosting

• WPEasy hosting
In this type of hosting, your host provider will automatically help you install WordPress on your domain. Once done, you will get your login details to your WordPress dashboard. You can only use one domain on your host.

• Shared hosting

As the name goes, it’s a type of hosting you can use at least 3 domains with your host. It can be more depending on how buoyant you are financially. If you plan to have more than websites, this will be the right host for you. The least one on Namecheap is stellar which is 20GB disk space and you can use three domains with it.

• Dedicated hosting

In a dedicated hosting environment, you have the entire web server to yourself. This allows for faster performance, as you have all the server’s resources entirely, without sharing with other website owners. However, this also means that you will be responsible for the cost of server operation entirely. This is a good choice for websites that requires a lot of system resources, or need a higher level of security.

Based how on you want to host your website, your hosting fee will be $25 and more per year.

3). Theme design:

See a theme as an architectural work for a building. Themes are designed by developers that specialized in that area for website uses. Instead of going through the trouble of starting the design from scratch, all you need is to buy a theme.

You might have seen a website somewhere and want yours to be like that. Tell your web designer. He will see to it.


Describe how you want it to look like, and it shall be done. He can also show you samples.

To buy a theme, you will need close to $50 and above. The best part of it is, it’s one time payment. No renewal fee.

4). Workmanship:

Yes, if you’re not an IT savvy, you will need to pay for the person that will design the website and also manage it for you. The wage may be once or depends on your agreement. There are also some things that will be included such as security measures, SEO plugins etc. These will cost money too. This your web designer will advise you on me them.


To get your website designed, you need;

Domain, Web Hosting, Theme and Workmanship.

Material things needed to start a website

I call them material things because they do not require money except your business logo. The material things are;

1). Pages: These are the About, Contact, Disclaimer, Policy Privacy, And Admins Pages.

About page is what your website is all about. This should be as clear as you can make it. Contact page is how your visitors can contact you. For a guide on how to write website pages that sell, click here <=

NOTE: These are some of the things web designer will need, make them ready before consulting your web designer.

2). Business logo

Your web designer will need your business logo on the website. Make it ready too.

TIP: Header logo (horizontal versions) is preferred on the website to other forms.

3). Social media handles: Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+ pages are ready too. Your designer will need them.

NOTE: If your web designer must do these for you, be ready to pay more charges.

Benefits of having a website for your business

Having a business website is  one sure way of keeping your customers, prospects and partners updated on new development of your business, on new products or services especially if blog is attached.

As a business owner, you should not limit yourself to offline engagement. At this present computer age, almost everything is on the internet.

If you want to test this, google search a kind a product or service you offer and see millions of those who are doing the same. You know what makes the difference, they are online and you are offline.

In the future, there will only be two types of business people;
1). Those who have their business online
2). Those who will soon be out of business. – Bill Gates

According to a survey on hubspot, 60% of business that blog have thrived more than those who doesn’t.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of blogging or having a website for your businesses.

1). Support your social media initiatives
Sharing other people’s content on social media is great, but at some point you want to be directing those leads to your business site. So as you share your business post on social media, you increase traffic to your business website.

2). Build authority in your industry

Website is one of the ways to establish yourself or your brand as an expert in your field, as it gives you a platform for sharing important Industry-related information and insights. As you build up authority, you breed trust and credibility.

3). Facilitates valuable discussion

Blogging gives businesses the opportunity to connect with customers and prospects. Customers can drop comments, critics, and feedbacks. Which will eventually help you as a business owner improve.

4). Attract Audience
Website allows you to reach as many people on the internet as possible. It can help promote yourself or your business. When you create a blog/website that is of value, you can attract audiences and eventually convert them to customers, friends, partner or otherwise.

5). Networking
Your audience can attract other entrepreneurs to you. If you are able to grow readership, you will gain more credibility.

6). Building credibility
Having a business blog gives you a presence in your niche. Your blog is a record of quality value and experience you possess and that you’re bringing to your audiences.

7). It is your hiring tool
If as an entrepreneur you want to hire new manager or anyone, they will want to know who you are and what you are about. To do this, blogging is a perfect way. Also, you can be contacted when someone who loves your service come across your blog

8). Improves your communication and writing skills

I used to be a lazy writer, but since I started blogging, it has helped me a lot.

As someone whose business involves speaking or writing, blogging will help you a long way. The more you write, the better you become at writing.

Whatever your business is, you can have a website on it. This makes you stand out and with time, you will be getting customers from google search engine.

How to manage your website

Having a business website is not all there is, you must be able to keep up with it. How can you keep up?

  • By updating the blog section of website at least every week
  • By updating your pages, plugins and theme
  • By making sure it is free from cyber threat.

NOTE: If you will not be able to do this, worry not. You can hire someone who can help you. Contact me now, even if you already have a website.

Wrapping up

This article has highlighted things needed to have a website either for your business or passion. For a recap, they are; Cost of starting a website, material things needed, and how to manage your website. Assist Blogger can also design a professional website or blog for you.

All I do on this blog is assist bloggers and non-bloggers in their blogging career. Be sure to subscribe for more updates and share this post with others.


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