Websites For Free Online Courses With Certificate In 2020


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Do you have ideas of websites for free online courses with certificate? Was the question one of my friends asked.

As you advance in this year 2020, you need to equip yourself with necessary skill sets.

As you know, Assist Blogger is not only for bloggers but also for everyone who wants to make something good out of their stay on the internet. In this article, am going to list out some websites for free online courses that can also give certificate with it. Yeah…cool!

Go ahead and boost your CV.

Let’s get on!….

What Are Online Courses?

Just I have explained in a post, Online courses you can take for free as a Nigerian, Online courses are the courses you take by signing up on the website of either a universities, colleges or an organizations that find pleasure in helping people learn new skills or upgrade their fundamental skills.

In this case, you don’t have to go to the university all you need to do is visit their website, register and commit yourself to the course(s). You can learn anything, anytime, and anywhere.

Things needed are; Laptop/Smartphone, Internet connection and your determination.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Courses?

There are benefits attached to online courses. Some of them are;

1). It is flexible: No one has to mandated you to come to class, sit a long hour to receive lectures. You can decide when and where you want to take the class.

2). Cost: In terms of cost, some are free. In free courses, the only thing you will pay for is your data subscription.

3). You can work and learn: While you may be at work, you can actually take the course during your leisure time or whenever you are off duty (if you run shift at work).

4). Boost your CV: As a Nurse for instance, If you take Nutrition class online and are certified, your boss won’t look at your CV the way he/she will look at CV of just a Nurse. Get more skill, get more increase in payment.

Name Of Websites For Free Online Courses With Certificate

The part you have been waiting for. Am glad you are going to take a step now to learn a course of your choice.

Some of the websites for free online courses and what they offer are;

General courses

1). Alison Academy: This website also offers general courses from web to healthcare and professional studies.

Alison offers you the course for free with a diploma certificate. Their mode of operation is via materials, there is hardly video, which saves you some data.

After completing the course, you will be required to take a test/exam before your diploma certificate can be issued to you.

Visit Alison Academy <==

2). Coursera: Coursera operates somewhat like Alison. You can find any course you want on this website whether for professional upgrading or acquiring new skills.

Visit Coursera  <==

3). Saylor Academy:  Saylor offers you courses from basic to advance with certificate. Like most online courses, you decide when to finish the course. Saylor offers courses in Web development, Psychology, Mathematics, English, Educational courses and so on.

Visit Saylor Academy <==

4). Udemy: This company has been thriving on the world wide web over a decade and since have had thousands of students and instructors.

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On Udemy, you can learn Web development courses, SEO, Graphics, Photography. Health course and so on. Funny enough, you can learn how to learn.

Whatever your choice of course, check it out on udemy. They give course in video format plus downloadable materials.

Visit Udemy <==

Web development/Programming languages

5). Hubspot Academy:  Looking for where to learn SEO? Hubspot is the right spot for you.

Visit Hubspot Academy <==

6). SoloLearn: If you want to learn any web programming language for free and be certified, SoloLearn is my recommended place. They offer basic courses in HTML, CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript and PHP.

Visit SoloLearn <==

7). W3schools: Just like SoloLearn, you van learn any web programming language on W3schools from basic to advanced stage.

The only issue is, you will have to pay some dollars for your certificate if you want it.

Notwithstanding, you can learn whatever web languages you wish to learn.

Visit W3Schools <==

Wrapping up Websites For Free Online Courses With Certificate in 2020

The 2020 you have been waiting for just started. If there is any course or skills you need to upgrade, I believe these websites for free online courses with certificate can help you out.

Take charge. Be the best you are designed to be.

Do you know of any other websites? Drop it in the comment.

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