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Have you considered buying domain name for your blog project? You need to secure your domain name now before someone else does. This article helps you on where to buy domain name cheap anywhere in the world.

If you have a business you are planning presently and wish to have an online presence for in future, this is an opportunity to secure it. If you don’t, someone else is having that idea you have (I have been there once).

What is domain name?

Domain name is the website address owned by you or your business where your visitors can reach out to you. Examples of domains are,,, etc. These examples are custom domains.

Various domain extensions

The domain extensions available presently are; .com, .org, .ng, UK., .in,,, etc. The most popular extension is .com.

If your blog or website is about an organization, .org is for you. If its targeting audiences globally, .com is the best choice. If you are targeting Nigerian readers, .ng or is your best choice. Etc

But before you buy any extension other than .com, make sure its other extensions have not been taken.

Reasons for buying domain

There some reasons for buying domain names. Some of them are; Professionalism, credibility and branding.  Businesses with online presence have the trusts op customers than those who do not have have. The first step in creating an online presence is having a domain name. See reasons you should have domain names here.

Where to buy cheap domain name

How to choose domain name

To choose a domain name, there some tips you should put in check. Viz;

  1. Make it as short as possible
  2. Do not include hyphen or any punctuations e.g avoid reason is that, it will be difficult for your audience to type down.
  3. Do not use domain extension already used by someone else
  4. Make it easy to pronounce

See a guide on common domain names you should avoid.

Where to buy domain name cheap

There are thousands of domain registrar out there but, the one I love using is NameCheap. Before you use any domain registrar, check out theses things;

  • How good is their support?
  • Do they provide free ICANN
  • Do they provide free Whoisguard privacy?
  • And How much is their renewal fee?

Namecheap support is superb, free ICANN, free whoisguard privacy for life and the renewal fee is just roughly $10.

Find your preferred domain starting at $0.88 and secure it.

powered by Namecheap

To buy a custom domain now for your blog project, click here now to buy your domain name for just $8.88/year (.com) from namecheap.

There are other domain registrars, click here to see domain registrars in Nigeria you can use.

Over To You…

I have shared with you now where to buy domain name cheap for your blog or website, reasons for buying domain name and how to choose a domain.

I have been using Namecheap since 2016 and I will still continue to use them as long as I have blog or website projects.

Don’t enjoy this alone, share with friends.

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