Who Is SirPhren?

Hello Lovely!

You are probably in this page to know more about SirPhren.
My name is Obembe Sunday Dapo (a.k.a SirPhren). I am professionally a Registered Nurse and Passionately a Blogger and Website designer. I bagged my Registered Nurse certificate from Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, school Of Nursing, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.
I hailed from Ijesa-Isu Ekiti, Ikole Local Government, Ekiti State. I am presently in Ogun State, Nigeria where I practice my profession.
I started blogging right when I was in School which was because of money, but that is not what kept me blogging till now. If you must know, “its not easy to make money from blogging as some people thought it was.”
When I started blogging, I made lots of mistakes which presently, am glad I did because they have helped me beyond imagination. Am just too stubborn to give up things I love doing.
Apart from being a Nurse, Blogger and Web designer, I am also a motivational writer and blog tutor.


I also design blogs, websites, and help format blog post to meet SEO requirements and so on. Check my HIRE ME page to learn more about my services.
No one knows it all – and that is why I strive to know more everyday. I create this blog to share my knowledge and what have found helpful with others.
My personal mission is to become a Blog Scientist and help as many people as possible.


Thanks for reading my blog. Hope to see you often.



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