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My name is Obembe Sunday Dapo. I am a Nurse, blogger, writer and web designer. This page contains information on how to hire SirPhren. I have taken and am still taking courses on SEO, Blog and Web Design and the likes. Be rest assured to get the best services you require from me.

Hire SirPhren


I currently run 2 blogs personally and couple of others am paid to manage. The intriguing part is, they  are all doing doing well. Below are  the services I render and how you can hire SirPhren.

You Can Hire Me To;

√ Design a blog for you: If you have interest in blogging but don’t know how to set it up, worry no more. I can make a blog like this for you on either blogspot or WordPress at a cheaper rate including a custom domain. I can design a self hosted WordPress blog for you. I recently wrote a book on Blogging Made Easy For Beginners On Blogspot and WordPress to further help people who want to start it on their own. The premium version of the book will soon be released.
√ Design A Website For You: As a CEO of an organization or a businessman/woman, you need to have an online presence. When you have a website for your business, you are a step further than your competitors who have not and besides, people’s trust are deeper.

√ Teach You How To Create/Manage Your Blog: If you prefer to learn how to create blog yourself, I can give you a 5-days tutorial on it be it WordPress or Blogspot platforms.

√ Manage your blog/website for you: If you are the busy type and you need your website to be up to date.

√ Edit Theme/Template For You

I know how expensive it is to purchase a new theme or template for your blog. Your blog needs a responsive template to run on. Check some of the templates I have for sale.
√ Advertise Your Products And Services For You
Should you need a maximum publicity for your product, I can successfully do that for you.

√ Make Your Blogspot Blog Open On Glo Network: You would have been wondering why your blogger blog with custom domain doesn’t work with Glo network. I can help you fix that. But first, read how to make blogger custom domain open on glo network.


I designed the following blogs and website;

For more enquiries, contact me on sirphren@gmail.com or chat me up on WhatsApp or call me right away on +2348151244131


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